Fake Septum Piercing: It’s not uncommon for fashion and beauty to be painful, but is there anyone who can resist the allure? If you want to go for a certain fashion or beauty trend for yourself, the fear of pain should be the last thing to come in your way. The freedom to choose the way to express and enhance your personality should totally be in your hands, and style and fashion trends are a great way of doing that. Fortunately, keeping up with trends does not have to be some kind of test for your tolerance for pain always.

                                                 Fake Septum Piercing

Fake piercings and jewelry have solved a lot of problems when it comes to this. Septum piercing is one such fashion trend; it effortlessly adds a stylish and bold touch and look to your personality. As stated before, fake piercing is also an option if you want a septum piercing. Though, your doubts about it are not invalid, in case you have them. This article will help to clear them all, covering all there is to know about fake septum piercing, a detailed understanding, and pros and cons. Keep reading and decide whether it is for you or not.

What is Fake Septum Piercing

A fake septum piercing is your answer if you can’t bear the idea of going through the pain of getting your nose pierced with a needle. Unlike actual nose piercings, you can wear them and take them off easily whenever you want. There are a number of benefits and downsides that it comes with. Those are mentioned below for you to weigh and make a choice for yourself.

Reasons to Choose Fake Septum Piercing

1. No Pain

For most of the people out there, the prospect of getting the edgy look of a nose piercing without any pain at all is enough for them to be sold for it, and there is nothing wrong with that. Being a pain-free option is definitely one of the biggest benefits of getting a fake spectrum piercing. While it’s true that whether or how much bearable the pain is going to be while getting the piercing depends on your threshold of pain, that’s not just it.

It’s not just a matter of a few seconds or minutes; there are prolonged risks that come with getting a real septum piercing. It leaves you with a hole in your skin, an open wound, which can catch an infection or swelling; in some cases, the only safe option that remains is to take the piercing out. Any carelessness or mistake on the part of the piercer can also cost you seriously.

There is a risk of developing a septal hematoma, blood collecting in the septum if a blood vessel is damaged while getting the piercing. This can result in pain and swelling that is weeks long. Scarring can also occur. A fake spectrum piercing doesn’t require aftercare, unlike a real one that requires a lot of it. The wound of a real piercing requires to be treated and dealt with regularly with cleansing solutions or salt diluted water, along with following a number of other caring tips.

2. It’s Not Permanent

Not everyone who likes the bold look of a septum piercing would like it to be a permanent thing. Maybe you just want to see how it looks on you or how well it goes with your overall makeover or style. Some of you might want it for a party, or any other occasion, or for a certain outfit. Or if you want it on one day and not the other. Going through all the fuss of getting a real piercing might not look like a good idea when you just want a one-time or a temporary thing.

A fake spectrum piercing makes a great alternative for that as well. If you don’t like the way it looks on you after a few days, months, or years, or even the moment you see yourself with it in the mirror, you can remove it. You will not have a hole in your septum to live with after. You can change the accessory of the fake piercing whenever you like, without waiting for the wound to heal as in the real one.

Cons of a Fake Septum Piercing

The most obvious downside of a fake septum piercing is that it is not the real thing. So it will not satisfy you with the look or aesthetic of a real piercing. They can also look fake; people will recognize that you have a fake piercing. They can also be uncomfortable, as in they can fall a lot. So if you really love the look, you would want to get an authentic one at the end of the day. Though it’s a good thing that you would be totally satisfied with how it looks on you and getting a real and permanent one will be worth it.


This article about fake septum piercing covers up pretty much everything that is crucial for you to know if you are considering getting one. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to choose a fake septum piercing over a real one, or if you should try getting a fake piercing just to be sure before you finally get the real one. But that decision must have gotten easier for you now that you have gone through this entire article. To ensure an even better experience, make sure that the fake piercing jewelry you buy for your septum is of good quality. It should be skin-friendly, so it will not irritate your skin. So, go ahead, choose what suits you the best, and rock that funky look of a cool nose piercing.

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