The Joe Rogan Experience May 29, 2016 Fight Companion Podcast with Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, and Eddie Bravo

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Episode Guest: Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, and Eddie Bravo
Original Airdate: May 29, 2016
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Guest Bio: Brendan Schaub is a retired UFC fighter and a former semi-professional football player. Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian. Brendan and Bryan together host the podcast The Fighter and the Kid. Eddie Bravo is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and owner of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. He is also a music producer, author, and podcaster.

Topics Discussed: Brendan made a “Keto Kid” shirt; Sugar Coated documentary; That Sugar Film documentary; Eddie talks sugar conspiracy theories; everybody loves sugar; sugar and diabetes; you should only have 25g of sugar per day; sugar after a workout; Joshua Burkman vs. Paul Felder fight; Burkman vs. Hector Lombard fight; talk about the great quality of the card; Burkman choked out Jon Fitch; using the cage to get back up off the ground; Keith Jardine; kicks to the knee; Miguel Torres’ knee injury from kick; Joe’s idea for kicking a grounded opponent; Joe thinks there should be no walls in an MMA fight; Joe thinks there should be no gloves in MMA; Gunner Nelson wears no hand wraps; more talk about gloves/no gloves; Muay Thai shin wraps; Paul Felder talk; Edson Barboza vs. Paul Felder fight; Felder trains with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone; Ricco Verhoeven; Dutch Muay Thai kickboxers; Melvin Manhoef; Badr Hari; Kevin Randleman; Mike Tyson; talk about combat athletes and steroids; WWE and painkillers and CTE; steroids and brain cancer; talk about cell phones and cancer; Chris Benoit; Lyle Alzado; synthetic testosterone comes from yams; Brendan calls Jeff Novitzky “The Golden Snitch”; supplements contain steroids; USADA banned supplements list; Joe talks about Rhino gas station boner pills; fake marijuana; bath salts; talk about Brian Redban and his boner pills; Lorenz Larkin vs. Jorge Masvidal fight; Yves Edwards; Shane Mosley; Lorenz Larkin vs. Albert Tumenov fight; Michael Bisping; eye poke talk; kicks to the groin; talk about fights where eye pokes change the outcome; Joe would stop fights after eye pokes; more Larkin vs. Masvidal talk; Round 5 MMA figures; aging; more Larkin/Masvidal fight talk; the UFC should assign a back-up or alternate fighter for title fights; Chris Weidman’s injury;  Eddie is getting surgery for back problems; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and back injuries; more Larkin/Masvidal fight talk; should guys be allowed to wear rash guards in the UFC; why is greasing the body in the UFC illegal; Eddie thinks there should be a greasing test; some guys take mineral oil baths the night before a fight to get greasy; Turkish oil wrestling; wearing headgear can be worse for the brain; Joe thinks Vaseline shouldn’t be rubbed on fighters’ faces; Chris Camozzi vs. Vitor Miranda fight; Camozzi’s losses to Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza; Yoel Romero; Yoel’s past fights; Chris Weidman’s injuries; Joe’s and Eddie’s back injuries; aging and testosterone; Joe talks about saturated fats and eating meat; Joe’s chickens; Eddie’s bunny rabbit; Bryan tells a story about someone he knows murdering his parrot; elbows to the thigh; more Camozzi/Miranda talk; leglock talk; kicks to the knee; leg kicks; Bryan imitates a gay Brazilian play-by-play fight commentator; Fabricio Werdum vs. Ben Rothwell fight; Cain Velasquez talk; dream heavyweight fights; Camozzi/Miranda fight talk; Bryan compliments Eddie’s skin; time limit discussions; Frank Mir talk; talk about how good Joe is at commentating fights; how does Joe find time for everything in his life; Joe watches hours of archery on YouTube every day; talk about meat; Mayweather tweets about Conor McGregor boxing match; Bryan is going to help Dana White and Nick “The Tooth” with stand-up comedy; BJJ talk; guys who are good at one thing; grappling strength; Kron Gracie; Kron Gracie Venice Beach ninja training bars video; talk about BJJ and guards; technique can overcome physical advantages; Tarec Saffiedine vs. Rick Story fight; talk about the cheese they’re eating; Viagra; Propecia and depression; jerking off reduces prostate cancer; Saffiedine/Story fight; being too relaxed going into a fight; picture of Chuck Liddell celebrating after a victory; Mac Danzig; talk about Bryan getting into archery; Bryan is good with a gun and knows how to shoot; First Lite wool clothing; plants can communicate with each other; we shouldn’t eat ocotopus because they have more genes than humans; Joe explains plant intelligence and communication; video of a plant that eats ratsvideo of a horse eating a chicken; deer eat birds; Brendan, Bryan, and Joe talk about doing a bear hunt; Joe talks about his recent hunting trip; animal conservation is a side-effect of hunting; Joe talks about past hunting trips; bears eat bear cubs; video of a mountain lion killing a wolf; Brendan doesn’t trust cats; jaguar kills crocodile video; more talk about bears eating cubs and other baby animals; it’s beneficial to remove dominant male animals; Renan Barao vs. Jeremy Stephens fight; Joe likes that training partners and friends won’t fight each other; Tim Kennedy talk; Joe tells the story again about his friend who wouldn’t sleep with a girl because her waist was too big; Bryan left a girl’s house because her ass was too hairy; Barao/Stephens fight; Joe’s eyesight is getting worse; Alexander Gustafsson talk; what if the UFC added CGI blood or Snapchat filters for watching the fights; The Fighter and the Kid 3D made it to number one on iTunes; knowing what you’re a failure at; Bryan’s definition of wisdom; Jeremy Stephens talk; you’re only as good as your last training camp; Joe says Anderson Silva is the best ever; talk about Anderson’s past fights; Joey Diaz talking shit about white people; Joey’s Twitter picture of stars of death, mushrooms, and a joint; talk about good-looking UFC fighters Cody Garbrandt and Alan Jouban; Cody Garbrandt vs. Thomas Almeida fight; talk about what’s next for Garbrandt; talk about other fights on the card; shit talking among MMA fans online; Eddie brings up chemtrails and the debate begins; Jim Morrison‘s dad George Stephen Morrison was involved with the Gulf of Tonkin incident; talk about Kaye Griggs; Jared Leto bought a former top secret military compound; Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon book; talk about famous musicians growing up with parents involved in the military; Operation Northwoods; rock stars were rebelling against their parents; talk about nature and animals; what’s the difference between a comic and a comedian; Joe calls out Brendan for saying Bryan isn’t a hunter; talk about Joe and Bryan’s hunting trip in Montana; Bryan ate an animal’s eye; Bryan making Joe laugh while hunting; more talk about Joe and Bryan’s hunting trip; you can start a fire with Cheetos or Doritos; making a wet fire; feeling insignificant while being outdoors in nature; MTN OPS hunting food; it’s good to get away from technology; talk about Eddie competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions; Bryan tells a story about defending Wayne McCullough; showing respect for people; attacking people who are old and not what they once were; Joe Calzaghe talk; Bryan grappling with Brendan; talk about Eddie’s podcast; repeating stories on podcasts; talk about social media; (they look at hot girls on Instagram); the guys have a network of friends; Brendan made “Keto Kid” shirts; Bryan’s dad called him out about lying when telling stories; talk about Bryan embellishing stories; talk about Bryan and how he looks at the world; Joe tells a story about Bryan leaving books out in his apartment so girls think he’s smart; enjoy life because the end is coming; the universe doesn’t care about us; Nixon’s war on drugs targeted blacks and hippies; Joe talks about why he loves Eddie; talk about hippies, music, and the war during the 1960s; more talk about Eddie’s Laurel Canyon music/military conspiracy theory; talk about Bryan and bowhunting; talk about bears eating bear cubs; Eddie talks about 9/11 conspiracy theories and debates the guys about them; talk about the Tower 7 collapse; more debating Eddie about 9/11 conspiracy theories; Eddie says NASA is posting CGI pictures of space; BJ Penn and Tila Tequila think the earth is flat; Eddie doesn’t believe that we ever went to the moon because we have never been back.

My Thoughts: Epic 4.5 hour podcast. The guys eat cheese, drink a lot of wine, and smoke marijuana cigarettes. Not a whole lot of talk about the fights they’re (not really) watching. They talk over one another quite a bit, especially towards the end, and it can get kind of annoying. Lots of hunting and animal talk and they watch videos of animals killing each other. Eddie, of course, brings up conspiracy theories.

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