The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 987 with Ben O’Brien

Episode Number: 987
Episode Guest: Ben O’Brien
Original Airdate: July 13, 2017
Episode Sponsors:, truTV’s Adam Ruin’s Everything; Rocket Mortgage, Onnit

Guest Bio: Ben O’Brien is the hunting marketing manager at YETI Coolers, and he was also the executive editor for Petersen’s Hunting.

Topics Discussed: Tequila and Red Bull mixed with red wine; Rye Brain (Alpha Brain Instant mixed with whisky); Angel’s Envy whisky; Joe thought the Northwest Territories and Yukon were part of Alaska; packing for a hunting trip; goats in New Zealand; wolves; people need to be educated; wolf populations; accepting animals as part of the landscape; deer; animals in New Zealand; Haast’s eagle talk; Harpy eagle; Ben is scared of swimming in the water; bull shark; Jaws movie; Himalayan vulture; bearded vulture; animals that look disgusting; bear meat discussion; Joe’s favorite meat is elk; brown bear meat; feeling conflicted about hunting; conservation and hunting; why do they hunt; Joe talks about practicing archery/bowhunting; animals in Lanai, Hawaii; bringing in wolves to control the populations of other animals; axis deer meat is the best; the best hunters in the world; learning from other hunters; Joe thinks axis deer are the fastest animal he’s ever tried to hunt because they’re used to running from tigers; Joe feels bad buying meat from a store; mollusks; people are too far removed from where their meat comes from; vegans keep hunters honest; popularity of hunting over the years; people want to feel connected to their food; hunting is not easy; urbanization; Joe talks about his first hunt with Steven Rinella; (1:00:00) not everyone can hunt; people are opposed to hunting because they’re so removed from nature; personifying animals and turning them into cartoons; hitting animals with vehicles; plant-based diets; petroglyphs; hunting/agriculture in the past; appreciating animals as a hunter; taking out older animals and dominant/aggressive animals; is younger or older meat better; more bear meat talk; bears are everywhere in Alberta; Cameron Hanes and marathons; Joe talks about his running; Ben talks about his dad running marathons; the compulsion for suffering; doing difficult things makes regular life easier; Ben talks about hallucinating while hunting sheep in the mountains of Nepal; goat eating a bucket of live chicks video; (they watch a gross video of an animal getting eaten alive with its guts falling out); Joe watched a video of a guy chopping his own dick off; people marketing themselves as a brand; Ben returns to telling the story about hallucinating and seeing a baby and wolves while hunting; shitting your pants while hunting; Jim Shockey’s Uncharted TV show; talk about good and bad outdoor/hunting TV shows; how shows get on the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel; Stephen Colbert called Trump a “cock holster”(2:00:00) Trump says woman’s face was bleeding from a facelift; Ben hasn’t been affected by anything Trump has done; Joe doesn’t know what’s real anymore; Zevia Energy Drinks; Ben talks about visiting California; Zevia soda pop; people think the products/things Joe talks about are sponsors; YETI coolers; Joe likes to talk about awesome things that excite him; Breadcrumb Technology Bluetooth hunting arrow tech; losing an animal you’re hunting; Ben returns to talking about his Nepal hallucination/sickness story; he would go back to Nepal; he got sunburn on the roof of his mouth; what he takes away from the difficult trip; the sherpas would balance 90-lb. bags on their heads; Tribe book; people aren’t happy because they don’t experience struggle; appreciating health after being sick; hunting is important to the people in Nepal; doing something for the challenge and the right reasons.

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Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging
Tribe On Homecoming and Belonging; Hardcover Book; Junger, Sebastian (Author); English (Publication Language)
$22.00 −$7.41 $14.59

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