The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 975 with Sebastian Junger

Episode Number: 975
Episode Guest: Sebastian Junger
Original Airdate: June 9, 2017
Episode Sponsors: N/A

Guest Bio: Sebastian Junger is the author of The Perfect Storm, War, and Tribe. He also is the co-director of the Oscar-nominated documentary Restrepo. His latest documentary Hell on Earth can been seen on the National Geographic Channel on June 11, 2017.

Topics Discussed: Talk about the Tribe book; white people living with Native Americans; people are equal in societies where everyone is involved with food production; suicide and depression goes up in urban environments; we’re designed to live in communities of around 40 people; we’re not wired to be surrounded by strangers; we want to belong to a group; there’s no group to serve in modern society; Sebastian talks about working construction; modern society has removed hardship and danger; war brings people together; Joe talks about New York after 9/11; crime and suicide went down in NY after 9/11; soldiers and depression after leaving war; Sebastian missed the communal feeling of a platoon after leaving war; humans are designed to deal with trauma; what he got from his marriage falling apart and his depression; drinking alcohol made him feel bad; he didn’t take antidepressants; importance of struggle; suicide is raising among middle-aged white men; the quest for stuff; we are safest when we’re needed in a group; unemployment and suicide; economic collapse of 2008Inside Job documentary; we were attacked economically; the US is in a state of confusion; what people would die for; will humans become more compatible to our current society; what it was like returning to New York after being surrounded by war; challenge makes people feel good; Joe talks about his friends going hunting by themselves; constantly being at peace is numbing; we’re losing our appreciation of what makes life what it is; we need to treat the nation as a community; talk about tribalism and politics; Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton talk; is Trump good for us because he’s someone to rally against; The Politics of Our Selves book; half of our political opinion is genetically determined; twins and political beliefs; half of our political opinion is based on our life experiences; determinism; genetics and sports; Floyd Mayweather, Jr. talk; elite boxers need to start training early; music and language needs to be taught early; Joe talks about watching his daughters grow up; Lucy skeleton; fears of animals and genetics; phobias and childhood; talk about Fear Factor challenges with snakes and spiders; his Hell on Earth documentary; (1:00:00) taking 1,000 of hours of footage and editing it into a documentary; the situation in Syria; Sebastian thinks ISIS will be defeated on the battlefield; Bashar al-Assad; power vacuums in countries after a dictator is removed; what brings him satisfaction; he likes making sense of a topic; having a conversation about how the world works is the point of journalism; how he manages his life; he tries to live in communal neighborhoods; New York after Hurricane Sandy; he grew up in an affluent suburb and doesn’t want to live there again; suicide and addiction in the suburbs; we’re programmed to go towards luxury and safety; why there are so many fat people; our taste for sugar and fat; what can people do; he thinks people should sell their homes and move into a community; move into a neighborhood where people rely on each other; he has minimal material possessions; the less you have, the happier you are; material possessions give you access to women and a reproductive advantage when you’re younger; rappers, athletes, and the culture of wealth; retired athletes and depression; a cancer survivor who missed being sick; finding happiness in martial arts; Sebastian learned how to box at 50; talk about his boxing gym and how people are judged only by how they box; boxing is difficult; the body needs physical struggle; men and women need physical activity for two hours per day; testosterone declines faster in modern society due to the lack of physical struggle.

My Thoughts: 1.5 hours of talk about the importance of communities and how we need to struggle and overcome obstacles in order to be happy.

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