The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 972 with Ari Shaffir

Episode Number: 972
Episode Guest: Ari Shaffir
Original Airdate: June 7, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Dollar Shave Club, LegalZoom, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Ari Shaffir is a stand-up comedian and also hosts the podcast Skeptic Tank and co-hosts Punch Drunk Sports. His new two-part special Double Negative debuts on Netflix on July 18, 2017.

Topics Discussed: Ari disappeared for four months; Ari’s podcast with Henry Rollins; Joe loves Ari’s podcast; Rick Ingraham; he never felt threatened while he was away; Myanmar; Europe reminds Joe of past World Wars; very little shit has gone down in America; France’s Zone Rouge; photo-realistic tattoos; (they look at pictures of tattoos); girls with tattoos; face tattoos; Gucci Mane’s face tattoos; inside lip tattoos; asexual people; Joe talks about Bret Weinstein and Evergreen State College; college students are well-read yet dumb; they’re grown-up babies; Trump and small hands; James Comey is tall; who watches the We network; the Hallmark Channel is science fiction for women; female police officers getting beat up; Joe talks about a video he saw of a kid watching her dad beat up a female cop; what he came away with after his travels; Joe thinks Ari seems different; his stress level went down because he had no responsibilities or plans; he did a lot of thinking; when he knew to end his vacation; a lot of people just travel; walking the Appalachian Trail; it’s very difficult to kill an animal; bivvy sacks and tents; the movement towards minimalism; realizing what’s important to you; more talk about Henry Rollins; Ari’s friend is going to Liberia; Vice documentary about General Butt Naked; Australia; Ari is going to travel again in between his jobs; students taking time off before getting a job; vacation time in America compared to Europe; sick days at jobs; 40-hour work weeks are bullshit; approaching someone with your dick in your hand; (Ari takes a piss in a bottle); Ari pees a lot; (Ari fills up a bottle with piss and Joe has to empty it so he can continue to piss); (1:00:00) more talk about Ari’s podcast; Theo Von talk; Ari lets people stay at his apartment in New York when he’s away; why Ari wanted to wander the earth; when did it become acceptable to be a tourist in a foreign country; Ari talks about people in Shanghai; he knows a comedian building prisons in Myanmar; escaping prison; El Chapo’s escape tunnel; translating stand-up comedy; 72 virgins; why would someone do something like the Manchester Arena suicide bombing; attempting suicide compared to commuting suicide; deathbed confessions; what the afterlife for a suicide bomber is like; Universal Studios The Simpsons ride; talk about The Simpsons episodes; Bill Burr’s F is for Family Netflix show; you can do anything in a cartoon; South Park talk; 6 Days to Air documentary; Bill Maher dropped the “N bomb” on his show; Hillary Clinton used black prison labor in Arkansas and they weren’t paid; wearing pink; Gene LeBell wears a pink gi; more Gene LeBell talk; Vladmir Putin is a judo black belt; what if Putin died; Narcos Netflix show; Ari didn’t do comedy during his travels; what his first time back on stage was like; Ari saw dog meat to eat but didn’t try it; eating dog; eating coyote; Ari went to a cockfight; roosters; Joe wants pet peacocks; Joe knows where to go see cockfights in California; 7,000 birds seized in cockfighting bust; birds on steroids; Ari saw dog fights in New Orleans; more cockfighting talk; (they watch a cockfighting video); the owner of the winner of a cockfight gets to eat the loser for dinner; dogs trained and bred to fight; pit bulls; Joe talks about his pit bull and having to put her down; German Shepards; wolves; worrying about wolves when hunting; Joe gushes about how crazy wolves are; Joe continues talking about wolves; Ari talks about hearing coyotes howling; skunks will eat chickens; what if a skunk bit your dick; Ari grabbed a Komodo dragon; Komodo dragon saliva; hobbit people of Flores; imagine getting bit by a Komodo dragon; more Komodo dragon talk; Ari talks about seeing Komodo dragons; Komodo dragon attacks Sharon Stone’s husband(2:00:00) (Ari takes another piss in a bottle); Joe loves that Komodo dragons are real; if you piss near a school you can get charged as a sex offender; pot shops and liquor stores near churches and schools; pot shops can’t be near liquor stores; drive-thru bars; open alcohol laws; last call times at bars; doing a 2 AM stand-up set; drinking in New York; how NY is different from LA; Duncan Trussell moved to Brooklyn; parts of Manhattan are cheaper than Brooklyn now; picnics/cookouts; drinking alcohol in a park; Ari went skiing with a guy who was carrying marinated chicken on him; cast iron pans; Joe’s dog ate glitter then shit it out; you can’t Instagram nudity; after losing a bet, Ari had to shit and piss in a diaper for 24 hours; Brown Bunny movie; Chloe Sevigny; Ari’s Netflix double special; writing new material; Bill Burr talk; Ari’s podcast; Ari talks about what Anderson Silva means to him; he wants to do a new hour about Judaism; video of Evergreen College students yelling at the president for using hand gestures; a lot of the alt-right is having fun pissing off the left; Ari says American liberals are dumber than those from other countries; when can people get over slavery; the problem with the left and right is that they don’t want to educate, they want to punish; what is rape; drunk driving laws in the US; a horse and buggy is better than a car if you’re drunk; talk about allergies; Brazil nuts; nut talk; Ari’s Netflix special; someone had to bleach Ari’s asshole.

My Thoughts: Good to hear a podcast with Joe and Ari again.

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