The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 970 with Bret Weinstein

Episode Number: 970
Episode Guest: Bret Weinstein
Original Airdate: June 2, 2017
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Guest Bio: Bret Weinstein is a biology professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. Currently he is in the middle of an intense controversy that has been documented by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and several other mainstream media outlets.

Topics Discussed: Bret explains the day of absence at Evergreen State College; the letter/email he wrote; did anyone have any reasonable responses to his letter; people say one thing to him privately and another publicly; he’s not racist; the term “racist” has been redefined today; people think you can’t be racist if you’re not white; he really likes the school and teaching there, but doesn’t like the direction in which it’s heading; video of Evergreen State College president “held hostage”; students feel the president’s hand gestures were “microaggressions“; the president wants to change how the school and equity works; Evergreen wants unusual people to teach how they want; a person of color isn’t always the best person for the job; a seminar was held about how Asian people might be part of the problem; allyship; people of color want to oppress white people; mob mentality; students are bullying Bret but no one knows what to do about it; people are discriminating based on the guise of being anti-discriminatory; it’s hard to make durable progress; Halloween costume controversy at Yale; his current students are being harassed and intimidated; the campus police told him not to go to school because the college told the campus police to not protect him; students were searching through cars trying to find him; what would have happened if the students found him on campus; protesters were following the president to the bathroom; political correctness gone amok; the students are tools of something they don’t understand; the students at the forefront are people of color; he thinks they want a reversal of the black/white roles; talk about a meeting that became dangerous; meeting had chairs and food only for people of color; whites could be the minority in the future; the people of color are being racist, but you can’t say that; a person of color needed a computer power adapter and wanted a white person to fetch them one; science is seen as a tool of oppression; phenotype; why is this stuff primarily happening in universities; there is real inequity that needs to be dealt with; he thinks that universities are an easy target; he thinks the systemic racism in the world is being misdirected towards universities because they cannot defend themselves; cultural anthropology; (1:00:00) postmodernism; we need to arm everyone who goes to school with a scientific toolkit; science is a bullshit detector; he and his wife both teach evolutionary biology; how can the university and community survive this; he thinks the president of the college needs to step down; the faculty has to admit they learned something from this; the students went after the chief of campus police; the students don’t want any police, but rather community student policing; the students are going after the grievance officer because they think she’s against allegations of sexual assault; the students are on a witch hunt; mobs without a goal turn violent; humans are wired to hurt others; the system we built is our common enemy; Ronald Reagan spoke about the world coming together to fight aliens; our common enemies today; Trump pulling out of Paris climate agreement; we are caught in loops that prevent solutions; what we can do; revolution won’t work; we have to restructure the system; working towards a solution; the corrupt political system; the dollar is flawed; block chain currencies, like Bitcoin; nuclear power and nuclear disasters; fusion power; evolutionary biology; Hitler was a monster but not insane; evolution gave us our good and bad traits; he can teach whatever he wants; he doesn’t think Evergreen can fire him; he’s teaching in a park right now; what can be done about some of the crazier students who are after him; the idea of a utopia; finding common ground with students; how will he deal with the students when he returns to teaching; speech by president of Evergreen(2:00:00) there was a threat about a shooting at Evergreen; he doesn’t feel like his family is safe; the school is accusing him of misinformation; the school is like a cult; the faculty has to realize their beliefs are unreasonable; we’re watching group insanity; the problem with blogs or articles is that people can’t respond; he was told that he has to accept the accusations that he’s racist and that he can’t have a venue defend them; a student filed a public records request for his emails to find evidence of racism for a documentary; logic is a tool of oppression; what is the goal of the students who are against him; what is happening gives fuel to actual racists; he is getting support from all types of people; humans shouldn’t be behaving this way in 2017; people are confused about the nature of reality; what happens now for him; has he explored teaching outside of the school; teaching is less fun for him now; Joe suggests he starts teaching online; he’s being slandered; he is considering working with an attorney; the university system needs to disappear or be reformulated; he’s not sleeping well; Joe offers help setting up a podcast or promoting it.

My Thoughts: His story is pretty crazy. If you enjoy the Jordan Peterson podcasts, you’ll enjoy this.

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