The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 969 with Andrew Santino

Episode Number: 969
Episode Guest: Andrew Santino
Original Airdate: June 1, 2017
Episode Sponsors: I’m Dying Up HereOnnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Andrew Santino is a stand-up comedian and actor. His special Home Field Advantage premieres on June 2, 2017 and he’s on the new show I’m Dying Up Here premiering on June 4, 2017, both on Showtime.

Topics Discussed: Why his nickname is “Cheeto”; orange-haired comedians; Bill Burr; people think women shouldn’t go to prison; people who hate cops; being a police officer is a difficult job; Vietnam vet kills cop; vets returning to normal life; we don’t take care of our vets; mental health; A Mind of Your Own book; psych meds and mass murders; he wasn’t allowed to talk about Accutane on his Showtime special; Accutane and suicides; Cheeto’s acne; Accutane side effects; more acne talk; Joe says exercising cured his acne; cooking your acne in the sun; Dr. Pimple Popper Instagram; Cheeto thought he had testicle cancer but was told it was a buildup of semen and to jerk off in a hot tub; Tickled documentary; prostitution should be legal; Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall; difference between a million and a billion; who’s the richest person in the world; rich Saudi oil families could have trillions; $110 million Basquiat painting; Saudi family worth $1.4 trillion; Rothschild family; George Soros; rich kids with easy lives; chicks jump off cliff video; birds flying into windows; hummingbird slow motion video; Joe talks about seeing an eagle for the first time; moose talk; cars hitting deers; Cheeto talks about seeing a car crash; people showing off in cars then crashing; hitting someone and dragging the body under the car; more talk about rich kids; Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies; hit and run deaths; teachers running a prostitution ring; how would legalized prostitution change marriage; his dad was in and out of prison when he was a kid; the church’s influence on society; the Catholic church and child abuse; Pope Benedict and child abuse; Trump meeting Pope(1:00:00) Trump’s hair; Kathy Griffin Trump beheading picture talk; desperation and celebrities trying to stay in the spotlight; how do ideas become left or right; we want to be part of groups; gentrification; restaurant owner selling business with recipes; we’re all in a maze, figure out your way through it; Trump pulls out of Paris accord; Idiocracy movie; The Handmaid’s Tale Hulu show; Iran before the revolution; Iran today; women and restrictions based on religion; religious rules about clothes; clothes that priests and the pope have to wear; how does the pope take a shit; pope accepts gay people now; Popemobile; British car shows; Jeremy Clarkson; Top Gear with Matt LeBlanc; Cheeto’s dad works in the car business; kit cars; Noble Cars; Icon 4×4 trucks; GT500 SuperSwap; cars today won’t be considered classic cars; more Noble Cars talk; Ferrari cars; Lamborghini Countach; Sylvester Stallone as Rocky driving a Lamborghini video; movies were better in the past; Joe talks about interviewing Sly; the level of fame today around the world; there are no good action movies today; Die Hard movies; Bruce Willis is good friends with Dom Irrera; I’m Dying Up Here TV show talk; TV writers stealing jokes from stand-up comedians; Cheeto auditioned for Saturday Night Live and they stole one of his characters; comedians getting fucked out of their money by club owners; comedy club owners and cocaine; some comics used to be paid with cocaine; Boston comedians were maniacs in the 1980s; there are a lot of sober comedians today; Sam Kinison talk; Katt Williams talk; cocaine, girls, and sex; (2:00:00) Vili Fualaau split from Mary Kay Letourneau; MDMA/ecstasy talk; doing mushrooms; crashing after doing MDMA or mushrooms; acid; Joe did acid for the first time last year; 5-HTP reduces hangovers after MDMA; menudo soup; horchata; Gabriel Iglesias; Cheeto’s new special; Carol Burnett; Lucille Ball; Desi Arnaz; Cuban guys; old TV shows; Fatty Arbuckle scandal; Cheeto talks about working with Showtime; comedy today is really good; Joe talks about The Comedy Store in the past; The Comedy Store today; comedy in Los Angeles; talk about I’m Dying Up Here; talk about acting and starting stand-up; more talk about The Comedy Store; Mitzi Shore; Joe talks about following Richard Pryor; following Joey Diaz; following strong comedians; making money from comedy; Cheeto’s old comedy album.

My Thoughts: Covers a wide range of topics. Not particularly funny, but it has its moments. Worth a listen.

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