The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 968 with Kelly Brogan

Episode Number: 968
Episode Guest: Kelly Brogan
Original Airdate: May 31, 2017
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Guest Bio: Kelly Brogan, M.D. is a holistic women’s health psychiatrist and author of the New York Times Bestselling book A Mind of Your Own.

Topics Discussed: New York City; Seattle; winter weather and the seasons; menstrual cycles; issues with birth control; smoking on birth control; T-shirt study; Daysy fertility calculator; Abilify; stacking multiple medications; determining what medication to take; medication advertising/commercials; pharmaceutical companies wooing doctors; doctors don’t consider diet and sleep before prescribing medications; exercise compared to depression medication; genes; genetic errors; she doesn’t think humans will adapt to how we’re living today; sacrificing health and happiness for productivity; education and student loans; controlled substances act of 1970; pharmaceutical companies want to keep marijuana and psychedelics illegal; Hashimoto’s; T3; meditation; (1:00:00) many of us don’t feel fine; most of her patients are artists; Chris Cornell thinks prescription drugs triggered his suicide; psych meds and mass murders; people metabolize medications differently; we don’t have a good way of identifying how medication will affect people; most people take antidepressants for years; Anatomy of an Epidemic book; antidepressant withdrawal; she thinks psych meds are harder to get off than anything else; has she ever helped anyone; what she does; she tells a story about one of her patients; she doesn’t believe in mental illness, she thinks psych meds cause mental illness; coffee enemas; she says her patients get better when they eat red meat; yoga; many vegetarians feel depressed; she says there’s almost no nutrition-based science; Robb Wolf’s Instagram; she used to be a junk food addict; she returns to talking about her patient Ali; what she makes her patients eat and how they feel during this special diet; crying; disassociation; no one teaches us how to confront our deepest fears; more talk about how food and vitamins can help people; belief is important; nocebo effect; active placebo effect; she says antidepressents are essentially a placebo; (2:00:00) you can lose less blood in surgery if you think it; medical hexing; medicine is an unrecognized religion; conventional medicine is for emergencies; the pharmaceutical industry is a business; more talk about drug commercials; Abilify is the most prescribed medication; Scientology is against psych drugs; CrossFit is like religion; Rat Park study; we need a community; we need difficult obstacles to overcome to appreciate life and mitigate the negative things in our lives; Brogan gave birth naturally and talks about it; Caesarean sections; she says her mind broke giving birth; her old self would think her current self is crazy; her A Mind of Your Own book; the media rejected her book yet it got good reviews; Sharyl Attkisson TED Talk on astroturfing; half of Trump’s Twitter followers are bots; talk about Twitter bots; what if pharmaceutical industries were using bots to troll Brogan; before diagnosing yourself with depression, make sure you’re not surrounded by assholes; quote misattributed to Joe; memes, plagiarism, and attribution; blowback she has experienced; she took out a life insurance policy on herself when she published her book because she thought the pharmaceutical industry would kill her; Brogan says she cured a patient’s migraine headaches; mainstream media says she shames women; she gets called an “ableist“; people want to get angry at things; Portland burrito eatery shut down because of cultural appropriation criticisms; we’re always looking for someone to be mad at; Joe rants about cultural appropriation; are wraps tortillas; people need difficulty in their lives; both good and bad ideas spread online; questioning the news and mainstream media; Abilify blamed for compulsive gambling, eating, sex; man says Parkinson’s drug made him into a gambling and gay sex addict; websites with misleading sponsored stories/advertisements; what she hopes to teach people; she tells a story about antibiotics; man turned blue from taking silver(3:00:00) we make assumptions about antibiotics; GreenMedInfo; pharmaceutical medicine isn’t the only option; fear is the greatest marketing device; we only need to use antibiotics in life and death situations; fish on antidepressants become aggressive.

My Thoughts: Rogan thinks that everyone who is depressed just needs to drink kale shakes, do yoga, and sling kettlebells regularly to eliminate depression. Brogan thinks mental illness isn’t real and that eating red meat and doing coffee enemas twice a day will fix you.

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