The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 966 with Tom Papa

Episode Number: 966
Episode Guest: Tom Papa
Original Airdate: May 26, 2017
Episode Sponsors: ZipRecruiter, CW Hemp, Lyft, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer, and television/radio host. His latest special Human Mule is now available on Hulu, and you can also listen to his podcast Come to Papa available on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

Topics Discussed: Metal detectors; Viking treasure haul found with metal detector; Joe found an arrowhead; Tom tells a story about a friend finding his wife’s lost wedding ring; more metal detector talk; shipwreck hunters; world’s richest shipwreck; emeralds; what gemstones can rappers wear; turquoise jewelry; Vision Quest movie; Altered States movie; Joe talks about John Lilly and isolation tanks; woman who researched dolphins and jerked the dolphin off; Joe rants about why humans are so weird with sexuality; Joe’s friend would jerk his dog off; dogs getting bit by snakes; dogs with worms; Joe’s dog ate a magnet; Joe’s dog eats his own shit; Joe recently killed a rattlesnake by stomping on it; snake stories; Tom brought Joe some sourdough bread; gentleman’s breakfast; anchovies and sardines; Musso and Frank Grill; Keens Steakhouse; pipe smoking; Soho Cigar Bar; cigarette holders; who could do stand-up with a pipe; wearing a robe around the house; at what age can your kids not see your dick anymore; Joe talks about his kids; parents today vs. the past; a 28-year-old today knows more than a 28-year-old in the past; people living longer today; checking your phone obsessively; phone alerts; Trump talk; how do they verify the validity of leaked emails; radioactive diamond batteries; did Trump actually want to become president; Trump pushes prime minister; photo of Trump touching glowing orb; Tom makes bread to relax; more bread talk; is Trump more popular than Seinfeld; (1:00:00) world leaders are just regular people with extraordinary powers; Trump has a lot of haters; Tom talks about hanging out with Trump on his show The Marriage Ref; what the president’s job is; the US political system is ridiculous; the US is deep in the oil business; oil and food is connected; making plastic out of plant-based materials like hemp; edible plastic made from milk protein; garbage in New York; rats; water bottles; Great Pacific garbage patch; people growing their own food; the smell of shit; Tom tells a shit story about a guy taking a dump in a bush; why do dogs like shit; Ari Shaffir once purposely smeared shit on his face; talk about Ari and his dumb cell phone again; Ari vanished for four months; This is Not Happening TV show; guys who bring their girlfriends everywhere; girls who bring their guys everywhere; couples need to do things separately; being around couples who fight; Joe talks about Phil Hartman’s relationship with his wife; Joe talks about Phil Hartman working on NewsRadio; Phil was a pilot and took Joe up in a plane; Phil was like an older brother to Joe; more Phil Hartman and NewsRadio talk; Saturday Night Live: The Best of Phil Hartman; more Phil Hartman talk; crazy women; Tom saw a house on fire; Joe saw a guy who got hit by a car; Joe saw a big fire and his neighborhood was evacuated; fire is scary; zombie apocalypse and The Walking Dead talk; Big Sur mudslides; Joe is scared by the ocean and the idea of living on the ocean; Joe talks about his new podcast studio; cigar talk; it’s a good time for comedy; Joe found old comedy notebooks from 1993; Tom talks about his stand-up in 1993; Andrew “Dice” Clay talk; Woody Allen/Soon-Yi talk; Midnight in Paris movie; Bill Cosby talk; Fat Albert; Cosby and The Little RascalsIt’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World movie; Mitch Landrieu’s speech on the removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans(2:00:00) Confederate flag talk; flag of Texas; racist sports team names and logos; Bill O’Reilly on the tide; the state of news media today; Ted Koppel says Sean Hannity is bad for America; news today is just entertainment; who has the responsibility to report the news correctly; CNN has a lot of shows that have nothing to do with the news; more complaining about television news; Keith Olbermann; what do you do if a snake bites you; Tom talks about his dead cat; what to do if a snake bites you on a hike; more talk about Joe stomping on a snake; Joe wants to get some snake-stomping boots; (Joe looks up snake boots to buy); more talk about snake bites; Joe wants a snake-proof condom; state fairs; Tom talks about an offer he got to work a state fair; travel the world with someone you want to marry; people who are always combative; how to be more open and logical; dealing with feedback from people; exploring and understanding another person’s viewpoint; don’t be married to your position; don’t dissolve relationships because of political views; arguing with people about climate change; we don’t have time to research everything ourselves; what the news should be like; opinion shows on news networks; where Tom gets his news; coffee and hiking/hunting; instant coffee; French press coffee makers; moments all to yourself; mediation is effective if you do it all the time; Joe thinks baking bread is Tom’s way to meditate; Joe thinks martial arts is moving meditation; riding motorcycles; Tom never had a motorcycle accident; Joe took a motorcycle safety course; driving in California vs. New York; Ducati motorcycles; BMW concept motorcycle; will a girl on a golf course suck your dick; hot female golfers; why don’t guys dress sexy for golf; ear hair; myth that hair that grows back quicker after you shave it; Tom talks about his hairy body; Joe’s new podcast studio will have a Yoder YS1500 pellet smoker(3:00:00) Joe talks about the animals he’s killed and the meat he has and shares with friends; Joe talks more about pellet grills and cooking meat; Joe suggests Tom throw his barbecue in the LA river; Joe’s eggs with kale recipe; sous-vide cooking; more grill talk; your body gets iron from cast iron pans; Tom’s most recent special and material for a new special; doing a special every 18 months.

My Thoughts: It’s Tom Papa, so just listen to it. I could listen to Joe and Tom together once per week.

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