The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 963 with Michael Malice

Episode Number: 963
Episode Guest: Michael Malice
Original Airdate: May 23, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, MeUndies, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Michael Malice is the author of Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il, and also the co-author of books with D. L. Hughley, Michael Fazio, Matt Hughes, and others.

Topics Discussed: What the press is getting wrong about North Korea; North Korea’s mini-skirt army; North Korea is like a time warp; rich people have more freedom in North Korea; bribing police officers; North Korea and the UN; Vice Guide to North Korea talk; North Korea has things just for show; Ten Principles of Kim Jong Il; Kim Jong Nam; North Korea is worse than people think; North Korea’s invisible wall; someone in North Korea didn’t know what a scorpion is; there are 24 million people in North Korea (NK); Kim Jong Un’s hair; pro-war propaganda; humanity is evolving but not in NK; how do we fix North Korea; NK compared to South Korea; Michael thinks NK is purposely botching its missile tests; NK’s threat to bomb Austin, Texas; US hacking North Korea’s missiles; Trump/Clinton talk; the US shouldn’t have one person running the country; James Comey fired by Trump; people are willing to believe the worst things about Trump because they hate him; how the US government is antiquated; we shouldn’t have one leader anymore; Redban’s Pepsi Spice page; Bill Nye slammed for not being an actual scientist; climate change talk; Trump’s EPA cuts(1:00:00) Trump dropping MOAB in Syria; would Trump nuke Russia; House of Cards Netflix show; boomerangs; 50,000-year-old evidence of early Australians found in cave; Hawaii; cats are killing machines; Joe talks about bears; aquariums; slipper lobster; octopus talk; color-changing animals; flamboyant cuttlefish; there’s crazy shit at the bottom of the sea; cuttlefish camouflage video; footballfish; red-lipped batfish; why great white sharks can’t be kept in captivity; whales being kept in captivity; talk about dolphins breeding; Tazmanian tiger; Asian water buffalo; Relentless Enemies documentary; why animals are given Latin names; British accents; Guy Ritchie and Madonna talk; women aging and plastic surgery; uncanny valley; prisoner of war used blinking to communicate Morse codeChina murdered CIA agents; Michael’s mom was taking (plant) stem cells; Sarah Palin talk; eloquent George Bush speech video; Jeb Bush talk; what if Alec Baldwin ran against Trump; Ted Cruz video with his mom; more Ted Cruz talk; hopes for the future; dissolving of borders; talk about Trump wanting to build a wall; immigration talk; Native American genocide; poverty in America; make America better by making less losers; institutionalized racism; (2:00:00) Michael used Kickstarter to publish his book; people are drawn to earnestness; martial arts is humbling; Joe tells a story about someone trying to start a fight with Chuck Liddell at a bar; Matt Hughes talk; Derek Lewis’ Instagram; Corey Hill’s leg break; Tyrone Spong’s leg breakAnderson Silva’s leg break; Tim Sylvia talk; Tim Sylvia vs. Ricco Rodriguez; Tim Sylvia is fat now; how martial arts can affect your everyday life in a good way; North Korea axe murder incident; Michael has abs and it didn’t change his life; energy drinks; what he’s doing in California; Michael thinks Californians are fake and nasty; finding interesting people to socialize with; D. L. Hughley talk; I Want You to Shut the Fuck Up book; Black Man, White House book; curse words in book titles; the “N word” in TV shows; talk about a guy who escaped from North Korea; North Korea punishes three generations of your family; distressed jeans; Sugar Cane jeans; Barbell Apparel jeans; Naked and Famous jeans; Michael was upset denim nerds didn’t recognize his expensive Sugar Cane jeans; working on Fox; he gets mean when he drinks; he likes rare things; he gets mad when bands he likes become popular; he doesn’t like chocolate ice cream; wallpaper; more talk about his expensive jeans; Naked and Famous stainless steel denim jeans.

My Thoughts: Fun podcast, especially towards the end. A bit of talk about North Korea along with politics/Trump, animals/fish, and some MMA discussion.

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