The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 959 with Mick West

Episode Number: 959
Episode Guest: Mick West
Original Airdate: May 10, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Lewis Black: The Rant is Due, Upside, Casper, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Mick West is a game programmer, writer, and debunker. Currently, Mick runs a few websites including and

Topics Discussed: Jamie’s “Round Earth Shill” T-shirts; who actually believes in the flat earth theory; shitposting; flat earth ice wall; satellite pictures of earth; people who say satellite pictures of earth are fake don’t look closely enough at the pictures; going down a YouTube rabbit hole; Nikon B900 camera; moons of Jupiter; when Mick and Joe met; how he first became aware of the flat earth theory; Mick’s dad told him the earth was flat when he was a child; Samuel Rowbotham; Eric Dubay; Michelson-Morley experiment; luminiferous aether; people think Joe is a flat earth shill; flat earthers and suspicion of Jewish people; Joe is concerned about young people on the fence about the flat earth; Joe used to believe in rods; someone approached Joe about rods at a UFC event; Chilean UFO debunked; group confirmation bias; Joe talks about doing the Joe Rogan Questions Everything TV show; there’s no evidence that UFOs exist; N,N-Dimethyltryptamine and dreams that seem real; people think the government threatened Joe and his family over his conspiracy theory beliefs; ground truth; Stellarium app; the desire to expose hidden truths; space is mind-blowing; Japan trying to clear up space junk; mind control; Scientology is like the flat earth theory; it is good to question things; the sugar industry shifted the blame to fat; trust yet verify; talk about the horizon staying at eye level; scale and perspective; the earth feels flat because it’s so huge; the curve of the earth is so small it seems flat; people doing flat earth experiments but doing them wrong; people use science to debunk science; law of perspective; there’s so much to learn about the world, yet people are drawn to the flat earth conspiracy; (1:00:00) Mick’s childhood idea to create world peace; Joe clings to the belief that Bigfoot is real; Les Stroud Bigfoot video; our brains can recognize geometry and know when something is off; golden ratio; Patterson-Gimlin film; people want to believe in things; aliens are enticing; “experts” who make a living from conspiracy theories; chemtrailssolar eclipse; talk about conspiracy communities and differences between what they believe; hollow earth theory; some people think 9/11 was caused by nuclear bombs or space lasers; simulation/computer simulation theory; false memories/Mandela effect; HTC Vive virtual reality talk; Mick doesn’t think VR will ever be indistinguishable from reality; debate about the creation of a virtual reality universe in the future; simulation theory talk; people are fascinated by the unknown; more talk about flat earth truthers; people get socially isolated and sucked into conspiracy theories; Operation Northwoods talk; what is a conspiracy; false flag attacks; Gulf of Tonkin incident; Iran-Contra affair; Trump thinks exercise will kill you; Trump looks healthy; Alex Jones isn’t healthy; NASA “faked” skylab video; the international space station really is in space; Mick debunks flat earth some more; Polaris star talk; why the earth’s atmosphere doesn’t get sucked into space; flat earth truthers don’t believe in gravity; flat earth theory that if the earth was round, water would flow to the bottom of the planet; Satan’s globe earth lie image; flat earthers believe there are ice wall guards; people think Mick works for the government; Morgellons and Lyme disease talk; more talk about chemtrails; why he debunks conspiracies; Roswell UFO incident talk; Mick thinks all UFO sightings have plausible explanations; Bob Lazar; conspiracy theory celebrities; Cottingley fairies; Montauk project talk; Mick encourages people to look closely at things and check things for yourself; (2:00:00) mysteries are intoxicating; anyone can make a video for YouTube and influence people; Joe encourages people to Google debunking of conspiracies; Mick is excited by eclipses and he’s going to Oregon to watch one; talk about maps and how the images are distorted; Australia doesn’t look like how it does on flat earth maps; what is the ice wall; video games and physics; anyone can make misconceptions about physics.

My Thoughts: I like conspiracy theory episodes, and I love two-hour podcasts, so this was an enjoyable one for me.

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