The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 958 with Jordan Peterson

Episode Number: 958
Episode Guest: Jordan Peterson
Original Airdate: May 9, 2017
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Guest Bio: Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

Topics Discussed: Jordan was denied grant funding; examining behavior has become a taboo subject; restricting thinking in university; Jordan at McMaster university video; the protesters at McMaster and his talk; people were trying to deafen him with airhorns; white knights; man beaten with bike lock at Berkeley protest; protesters won’t talk with him intelligently; Canada’s bill C-16; gender unicorn; Jordan is being called a racist; Toronto Black Lives Matter founder says white people are defective; many trans people support him; people using issues to seek attention; Jordan has no issues with transgender people; many transgender people don’t want to use new gender pronouns; why do some people want new gender pronouns to become mainstream; Jordan is opposed to control; Jacques Derrida; talk about interpreting the world; postmodernism; Michel Foucault; Discovery of the Unconscious book; ideas are always at war; what is the motivation of people behind this movement; PTSD; Jordan thinks Joe has a clear intellect; phallogoslogos; Ted Cruz debate with Sally Yates; the dislike of clear thinking; social justice warriors don’t think clearly; (1:00:00) Berkeley Milo Yiannopoulos riot; acceptance of victim status; humans are tribal primates; Dunbar’s number; disgust; words are a virus; Hitler’s table talk; Zyklon B; we are wired for chaos; how we look at humans; how an object can be seen as a virus; seeing people as predators; talk about “snakes” and the idea of evil; the evolutionary basis to look at people as snakes/enemies; more PTSD talk; in the face of stress it’s better to act voluntarily; Medusa; feeling to fight, flight, or freeze; talk about the Old Testament; bargaining with the future; looking at old stories as an evolutionary biologist; why do we have a capacity for mystical experiences; feeling of awe; entheogens; we have evolved from the spirit of hierarchy; sexual selection; how females select their mate; male dominance hierarchy; the ideal person/man; male feminists are sneaky and creepy; Pinocchio; is there a light at the end of the tunnel; Jamie explains Kekistanshitposting; the unknown and the underworld; operating in a state of chaos; we’re in a transitional period; he’s overwhelmed with positive responses from people; Jordan suggests people clean their rooms rather than trying to change the world; people need to work on themselves; motivational memes on Instagram; people can improve themselves; potential; Carl Jung; one must understand their potential for horrific behavior; Joe talks about doing a Kardashian bit in his stand-up act; Jordan (jokingly) calls Joe a monster; (2:00:00) truth is a valuable commodity; what is an intellectual; Thus Spoke Zarathustra book; the highest idea someone holds is their God; new Atheists; more talk about the Old Testament and New Testament; more Jung and Nietzsche talk; men searching for a reason or path; polytheism; Marduk; meaninglessness; the imitation of Christ; life is hard and tragic; accepting your mortality; contending with yourself; we’re adapted to the things that last forever; we look for a meaning that justifies the suffering; men need a purpose; women have a purpose; family is a huge part of life; relationship between a mother and child; importance of telling the truth; self-sabotage; having a meaningful life; men should be acting out the archetype of the hero; Joe talks again about reward systems and overcoming struggles; unnecessary suffering; why is overcoming obstacles a part of happiness; The Scorpion and the Frog; male hierarchy and sexual selection; is life too easy now; Joe talks about someone who was addicted to EverQuest; the future and virtual reality/artificial worlds; Donald Trump has a problem with the truth; Ray Kurzweil; how much has happened in the last 100 years; people in North America are part of the 1%; universal basic income; what people do in their free time; unemployment; why are some people creative and others not; ASAT camouflage; Joe thinks Canada has nicer people than America; Canada compared to the US; clear thought; hierarchies; diminishing of competition; toxic masculinity; why men fight; will Jordan continue his job as a psychology professor; what school is like for him now; Jordan doesn’t understand his life right now and he can’t keep up; Jordan’s YouTube channel; Joe gets 120 million downloads and views of his podcast per month; (3:00:00) flat earth theory talk; the terror of intellectualism; Paradise Lost book; chaos in life; Maps of Meaning book.

My Thoughts: Joe says this is his favorite podcast ever.

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