The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 957 with Cameron Hanes

Episode Number: 957
Episode Guest: Cameron Hanes
Original Airdate: May 9, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, 1-800-FLOWERS, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Cameron Hanes is a bowhunting athlete, training intensively each and every day to become the “ultimate predator”.

Topics Discussed: Instagram live streaming; bowhunting compared to Jiu Jitsu; wallaby animal; deer eating human remains; deer eating bird video; Cam talks about animals he saw in Australia; crocodiles; water buffalo hunting in Australia talk; videos/pictures of Australia hunting trip; water buffalo is an invasive species in Australia and they must be hunted; Australia is the size of America but only has as many people as Los Angeles; people in Australia hunt cats; cats kill billions of birds; cats will eat their owners if they die; cats will eat other dead cats; weather in Australia; fallow deer; stalking animals; shooting a buffalo with an arrow; he took a four-hour helicopter flight to the middle of nowhere to hunt buffalo; finding ancient cave/rock drawings done by indigenous people; Australia immigration laws; Australia is beautiful but very expensive; Toyota Hilux; quality of Toyota vehicles; Cam wants to do a Netflix hunting special with Adam and Joe; Cam loves hunting and wants to share it with people; Joe talks about first starting archery and bowhunting; hunting is difficult and requires athleticism; hunting can be stressful; Cam wants to show hunting in a positive light; Split movie; hunting is misrepresented; people are becoming more aware of where their food comes from; Joe talks about why he started hunting; (1:00:00) Cam talks about cooking/eating meat in Australia; Cam thinks people would have a different opinion of hunting if they try it; the connection to an animal you killed yourself; hunting is respectful and helps the animals and environment; you can love animals and still hunt them; Cam talks about hunting deer in a tree; why hunters should kill old animals; animals that are hunted would die anyways; some animals can’t eat as they get older; Joe talks again about hunting in Alaska; hunting is a challenge; Joe realized he wasn’t in shape for hunting while hiking; most hunters are unsuccessful because hunting is hard; the connection to nature and animals while hunting; most people are disconnected from the earth because they live in cities; sharing hunting stories over a campfire; Cam talks about flying with a bow and arrow; explaining hunting to people; people getting mad online about hunting; people are disconnected from life and death; people are only exposed to what they want to be exposed to; Cam really wants to explain hunting to the unaware; hunters aren’t cold-blooded killers and don’t kill everything; hunters understand the circle of life better; Joe doesn’t hate vegans but mocks them; not everyone can be healthy on a vegan diet; Joe thinks hunting is spiritual; many vegans are hateful; people need to talk to those who don’t agree with them; H.R.622 selling of public lands; Jason Chaffetz quitting congress; more talk about government selling of public lands; peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racist; people are looking to be offended/get angry; things are too easy; doing difficult things; Joe talks about running; Joe’s cardio has improved; Joe gained 8 lbs. in a week in Mexico; Joe’s running goal is to run a 5K marathon; new marathon world record set; Cam has a line of clothes/shoes coming out with Under Armor; Elon Musk plans to launch satellite for gigabit internet; Joe thinks he is helping to change the perception of hunting with his podcasts; there needs to be more places for people to try archery; (2:00:00) bad hearing from rifle hunting; Cam’s ears ring all the time; Cam likes Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble”; Australian rappers; Brazilian rap music; Joe would live in Australia or Canada if the shit hit the fan; traffic in Sydney, Australia; life feels different in a small town; The Witchery of Archery book; Cam has a full-time job; hunting is time consuming; archery is the most difficult type of hunting; deer in Australia; hunting a dude with a boner; deer only want to mate once per year; what elk sound like during mating season.

My Thoughts: Two hours of hunting talk.

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