The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 956 with Guy Ritchie

Episode Number: 956
Episode Guest: Guy Ritchie
Original Airdate: May 5, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Lyft, Onnit, PolicyGenius, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Guy Ritchie is a writer, director, and producer. His latest film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword releases on May 18, 2017.

Topics Discussed: Why he wears a pocket square in his suit; doing press junkets; Excalibur movie; fantasy movies; he loves CGI; his new movie took three years to make; struggling to get a release date to avoid competition from established brands; opening weekend importance; people are too focused on how much a movie makes rather than its quality; does he feel pressure to live up to expectations; he gets freedom to make what he wants; how movie executives dress; the death of the suit; why he wears a suit; Ralph Lauren talk; Extreme Ownership book; be the master of your own kingdom; figuring out who you are; parable of the prodigal son; story of his new movie; every man is his own king; facing your demons; taking away your crutches; Joseph Campbell; religion; more talk about guys wearing suits; Mean Streets movie; wearing comfortable clothes; neckties; Guy does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and likes the gi; BJJ talk; he is a black belt in BJJ; talk about his history with BJJ; how long it takes to become a black belt; BJJ is one of the most difficult things you can do and it enhances your life; gym bullies; there are no barriers or bullshit in BJJ; more BJJ talk; don’t worry about being tapped; Marcelo Garcia vs. Demian Maia video; BJJ in England; Ronda Rousey’s armbar technique; Rickson Gracie talk; talk about Guy’s knee injury and surgery; Joe talks about stem cell treatments; Guy’s back issues; reverse hyper bench(1:00:00) Regenokine; more about their injuries; the importance of yoga; Guy couldn’t get into yoga; more yoga talk; pattern recognition; breathing; Rickson Gracie made yoga appealing; Choke documentary; more Rickson talk; more talk about their knee injuries; more stem cell treatment talk; Bas Rutten’s injuries; Jason Statham talk; Guy’s diet and exercise routine; Guy loves the pub and drinking beers and eating crisps; how he trains while he’s injured; Eddie Bravo’s back injuries; Joe’s knee injuries and repairs; Guy’s knee injuries; diet and inflammation; Joe drinks alcohol but not too much; three white devils: sugar, bread, dairy; Guy’s opening a raw milk dairy and a brewery; gin; Maynard James Keenan’s (Tool) winery; the craft movement; character is important; handmade knives; strength of sword fighters and archers; archery history talk; archery thumb rings; Mongol invasion altered carbon dioxide levels; more Genghis Khan talk; (Joe shows off his samurai sword); we’re distracted by life today and don’t consider death; murder and power; what time period Guy would go back to if he could travel back in time; Guy is obsessed with topography, landscapes, and burial sights; Uffington White Horse; we forget our culture goes back for thousands of years; Guy is a Google Earth nerd; people complain about life despite living in the best time in history; Amazon jungle discoveries; the possible future of Google Earth technology; what makes Guy decide on which movie to do; Guy is doing an Aladdin movie; Guy has five kids.

My Thoughts: Lots of talk about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and injuries. Yoga talk. Very little talk about movies.

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