The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 953 with Shirley Manson

Episode Number: 953
Episode Guest: Shirley Manson
Original Airdate: May 2, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Mott & Bow, 1-800-FLOWERS, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Shirley Manson is a singer, songwriter, musician, and actress from Edinburgh, Scotland. She is the lead singer of the alternative rock band Garbage. This summer Garbage will be touring North America on the Rage and Rapture Tour with co-headliners Blondie.

Topics Discussed: Joe asks if she’s only happy when it rains; Marilyn Manson talk; referring to Native Americans as “Red Indians“; controlling things; being uncomfortable; she feels like she failed; declining fame; alternative music in the ’90s; adapting to the times; her husband’s name is Billy Bush; the TV host Billy Bush was a scapegoat for Trump; people are angry; there are too many people on earth; bad news; emojis are like hieroglyphs; Italians use the word “eggplant” as derogatory slang for black people; bollocks; music and the brain; Joe talks about reward systems again; raising our children; White House bans news coverage of caskets returning from war; technology is connecting us; technology will help us live longer lives; Shirley has never had a double cheeseburger; relationships; dating an actor; actor vs. actress; female comedians don’t want to be called comediennes; gender talk; identity choice; The Lizardman; Joe had to cover up his tattoos in Japan; talk about her upcoming summer tour; Debbie Harry talk; phonograph cylinders; talent of young musicians today; gaining wisdom as you age; kids today don’t have life experience; more talk about youth and the entertainment industry; when she knew she wanted to be a singer; she fell into music; she did a lot of speed and ecstasy in her younger days; talented people who feel like frauds; Joe talks about hanging out with his kids and how much he loves them; having kids changed Joe; it’s hard for regular people to raise kids; divorce when kids are involved; interesting people come from fucked up backgrounds; Shirley had a good childhood; (1:00:00) Shirley doesn’t know who Sam Kinison is; Joe tells the story (again) about how he discovered Sam Kinison; Sam Kinison homosexual necrophilia bit video; Joe talks about how/why he got into stand-up comedy; Shirley asks Joe why he got into martial arts; Joe doesn’t have an accent because he heard himself on TV and hated how he sounded; Joe talks about doing comedy for the first time; Shirley doesn’t think she’s clever; she thinks she has ADD; Garbage played in front of 300,000 people in Russia; the capacity for joy in humans; woke; Shirley’s guide to swearing; Billy Connolly; bad weather; saying inappropriate things; girding; more talk about her upcoming tour; talk about touring as a musician; talk about how the music industry has changed due to the internet, Napster, etc.; artists don’t make anything from music; Garbage controls their music, not a major record label; why are there still record companies today; what makes a musician visible today; musicians today don’t take risks; Chance the Rapper; more talk about what record labels do today; Courtney Love’s letter to recording artists; how record labels fuck over the artists; record label 360 deals; Joe still doesn’t understand what record labels do and thinks they’re stealing money; young artists flaunting their wealth; Shirley said for her it wasn’t cool to show off money or material possessions; many rich people are miserable; talk about Trump and worshiping wealth; nobody should want to be a king; black guys calling themselves “King”; the greediest people are those who have lots of money; Radiolab “Ponzi Supernova” podcast episode about Bernie Madoff; Shirley asks what the difference between a democrat and a republican is; Joe rants about the limitations of the two-party political system again; talk about Trump’s war with the press and journalists; everyone is being spied on; Trump doesn’t like being challenged; Joe thinks humans need something to push back against; news sources today; weird times create great art.

My Thoughts: Talk about comedy, the music industry, and Trump/politics. Shirley kind of interviews Joe and asks him questions at points during the podcast.

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