The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 952 with Thaddeus Russell

Episode Number: 952
Episode Guest: Thaddeus Russell
Original Airdate: April 27, 2017
Episode Sponsors:, Dollar Shave Club, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Thaddeus Russell is an author of A Renegade History of The United States. He is currently visiting faculty at Willamette University and the founder of Renegade University. Check out his new podcast called Unregistered available for download via iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Oregon weather; he needs to keep moving; he’s scared of going in an isolation tank because he’s afraid of the dark; cave exploring; what he’s doing in Oregon; Oregon is woke as fuck but is a little pretentious; Portland is full of white people; Salem, Oregon talk; Thad’s knee and martial arts; yoga; Ron Paul; Trump is letting the military do what they want; Tim Kennedy has re-enlisted in the army; Thad likes podcasts for long interviews; podcasts and the internet help us understand the people who aren’t like us; Martin Luther King, Jr. was against black culture; what would America be like if black people weren’t here; how black people influenced music; Barack Obama becoming president; Thad explains to Joe what rap music is saying; Thad’s son is into black culture; martial arts are important for a young boy; Thad started martial arts at 41; boxing talk; Vasyl Lomachenko talk; boxing technique talk; Thad wants to be a boxing coach; he loves teaching; teaching helps you understand things better; comedians starting out feel like frauds; impostor syndrome; universal self-censorship in the educational system; teachers who don’t speak their minds or challenge crazy ideas are cowards; the worst fear for a teacher is being called a racist or sexist; Jordan Peterson talk; transgender fighters; (1:00:00) Fallon Fox; transgender athletes; people vary and not everyone is built the same; Caster Semenya; more talk about gender, estrogen, testosterone, and athletes; endocrinologist talks about Fallon Fox’s advantages when competing in MMA; Thad thinks athletes need to be categorized by their bodies rather than by gender; more talk body types and athletes; there needs to be more weight classes in the UFC; genetic engineering and CRISPR; stem cell therapy; Canadian gender pronoun law; more talk about Jordan Peterson; shooting of Korryn Gaines; death of Sandra Bland; shooting of Walter Scott; alimony/child support talk; teen falls in love with undercover police officer in marijuana sting; Thad says he’s a feminist; the system is patriarchal and sexist; more child support talk; Occidental University rape casemattress girl; Rolling Stone fictional article about rape; Rachel Dolezal; talk about race and races; Thad says race is fiction; more talk about races and the characteristics and differences between them; (2:00:00) differences in IQ between races; Jewish people were once considered to be Negros; more talk about race and categorizing people; Thad says social justice warriors are really conservative and racist; race and ethnicity and postmodernism; Thad says genders are meaningless; more debate about being born a man or a woman; Thad says we need to stop categorizing human beings into race and gender; Thad says 30% of men have had orgasms with other men; Thai ladyboys; internet trolls told Thad he wasn’t a man; internet trolls; one-on-one conversations are important; the quality of conversations is declining; how professors/intellectuals communicate; comics, hecklers, and crowd work; professors don’t debate/argue in conversation; there’s no conflict of ideas in the educational system; Thad says accreditation is like the mafia; more talk about accreditation systems and the differences between colleges/universities; students can’t get college credit from Thad’s university; more Jordan Peterson talk; Jordan’s interview with Sam Harris; Thad says the podcast world is dominated by liberal elite bullshit like NPR podcasts; Meryl Streep’s comments on MMA; Thad says the solution to immigration is open borders; Mexicans should hate Americans; Joe’s parents live in Mexico; Mexican drug cartels have moved into the US midwest; how would the United States legalize drugs; crimes related to drug prohibition; who would sell drugs if drugs were decriminalized.

My Thoughts: Oregon, boxing, race, and they debate/argue about genders. Talk about the educational system, drugs and drug legalization.

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