The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 950 with Abby Martin

Episode Number: 950
Episode Guest: Abby Martin
Original Airdate: April 25, 2017
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Guest Bio: Abby Martin is an American journalist and former host of Breaking the Set for RT America. Check out her interview and documentary series at

Topics Discussed: Doom video game movie; Hardcore Henry movie; Chelsea Clinton says she was an anti-war activist; war criminal presidents; Abby thinks she helped cost Hillary the election; Abby is happy she’s not working for RT; is Rex Tillerson a globalist; Betsy DeVos; guns and schools; can mentally ill people buy guns; Joe talks again about psych meds and mass shooters; “The Racist Origins of Pot Prohibition” article; medical uses for illegal drugs; seizures and marijuana; schedule 2 drugs; Jeff Sessions’ war on drugs; private prisons and prison guards want marijuana kept illegal; still not believing Trump is president; Trump tried to shut down EPA database; more Trump and EPA talk; Rick Perry; Abby says Bill Clinton ruined the economy; murdered DNC staffer connected to WikiLeaks; Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express”; Pizzagate conspiracy theory; Breitbart’s tweet about Podesta before his mysterious death; Alex Jones and Trump; people treating politics like sports; hardcore lefties fighting the right; Antifa; Ann Coulter and her In Trump We Trust book; Milo Yiannopoulos; Howard Dean and hate speech; debating the right; Jordan Peterson and gender pronouns; cultural Marxism(1:00:00) more Jordan Peterson talk; is Mike Pence better or worse than Trump; would Ted Cruz have been a better president than Trump; Marco Rubio; Trump’s vacation expenses; Trump Steaks; talk about Milo being sexually abused again; Trump and Syria; North Korea talk; conflict minerals; Afghanistan and the MOAB bomb; Brian Williams called bomb drop “beautiful”; why are we still in Afghanistan; September 11, 2001 talk; Keith Olbermann; House of Cards Netflix show; Hillary Clinton saying “we came, we saw, he died” when talking about Gaddafi’s death; Libya; removing a dictator never works; Norm Macdonald talk; Houston, Texas; the idea of a president is preposterous and antiquated; the government is a monopoly; most people aren’t hard left or right; the two-party system; what is the purpose of a government; war will always exist; people react to news without understanding it; there’s too much information to digest; embracing of anti-intellectualism; flat earth conspiracy theorists; Iceland; Hakarl; talk about TV shows; Rogue One movie; Alien: Covenant trailer; special effects in movies/TV today; The Langoliers movie; minions; Stephen King movies suck and the books are better; The Shining movie; Room 237 documentary; Joe says he hardly reads but listens to audiobooks; Joe had a book deal but gave the money back because they changed what he wrote too much; taste is subjective; movies have to be collaborative; (Abby goes to the bathroom and Joe talks about her); artificial womb grew baby sheep; Jared Kushner wearing a suit in Iraq; Afghanistan and heroin; Michael Ruppert talk; Collapse documentary; Michael Ruppert confronts CIA director about drug trafficking video(2:00:00) drug overdoses kill more people than car crashes; Carfentanil; drug addiction talk; marijuana makes you hyper aware; more talk about flat earth conspiracy theorists; Metabunk debunks the flat earth theory; Bill Clinton on the moon landing; Neil Armstrong suggested he was keeping secrets about the moon; we’ve never been close to going back to the moon; Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? TV documentary; astronauts on trampolines video; more talk about faking the moon landing; more talk about bombing Syria and Afghanistan; Trump is letting the military do what they want; Eisenhower warns of military-industrial complex video; what Abby would do if she was president; more Trump talk; Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock at the White House; Pence’s support for conversion therapy; Abby talks about going to Israel and Palestine and interviewing people; “License to Murder” video; mandatory military service; the bond between soldiers; more Israel and Palestine talk; talk about working for herself and being her own boss; she’s going to Venezuela; GM fires 2,700 people in Venezuela by text message; iPhones and conflict minerals; what if a female politician says she grabbed guys by the dick; we’re in a weird stage of evolution; the aggressive left fuels the alt-right; Sam Harris feud talk.

My Thoughts: Lots of political talk. A bit of meandering to talk about movies and the moon landing. Abby seems like she’s always waiting to bring up something she wants to talk about rather than listening and letting the conversation flow. The last 30+ minutes is about Israel and Palestine. This was a chore to get through. I tuned out during the last 15+ minutes, to be honest.

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