The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 946 with Dennis McKenna

Episode Number: 946
Episode Guest: Dennis McKenna
Original Airdate: April 17, 2017
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Guest Bio: Dennis McKenna is an ethnopharmacologist, author, and brother to well-known psychedelics proponent Terence McKenna.

Topics Discussed: Taking a break from marijuana occasionally; it’s important to be sober; addiction; dopamine; serotonin; psychedelics are medicine; behavior patterns; drug education; people don’t need to be told to not do drugs, they need to be taught how to use drugs; Carfentanil; kratom; kratom used for heroin addiction; more kratom talk; using kratom for opiate addiction; ibogaine talk; Trump/Jeff Sessions and the new war on drugs; Trump doesn’t have reflective thoughts; Joe wants to speak to Trump alone; Obama was intelligent and thoughtful; ethnopharmacologic search for psychoactive drugs 50th anniversary talk; salvia; salvia is related to sage; Joe talks about Ari Shaffir’s experience with salvia; Joe bought a jug of DMT online when it was legal; Tryptamine Palace book; psychoactive toad; the body produces DMT; artist with pineal gland tumor (Shawn Thornton) creates DMT art; pineal gland; Ede Frecska; not everyone is biologically the same; Joe started tripping doing yoga while high; DMT doesn’t affect some people; (1:00:00) Ajna light talk; feeling of communication while on DMT; yoga reproducing DMT experiences; we know nothing about DMT but it’s everywhere; Joe talks again about the burning bush, DMT, and Moses; how do people figure out what plants to use to get high; snuff; jaguar high on DMT after eating ayahuasca vines video; harmine/telepathine; prestonia; we can learn so much from the Amazon jungle and we’re cutting/burning it down; there are 80,000 species of plants in the Amazon jungle; pharmaceutical companies want to make drugs synthetically, not from plants; isolating compounds found in plants; synthetic cannabinoids; Sativex; marijuana is the medicine of the future; patents and plant medicine; the ayahuasca patent case; biological piracy; corporations just want to make money; plants that are not patented by companies are prohibited; ayahuasca churches; connecting religion to DMT trips; religion and sexual predators; forcing Trump to injest DMT through a sex robot; Joe thinks of people as babies to understand them; Trump is a child and lies about his success; more Trump talk; alternative facts are lies; (2:00:00) problems with the political system in the United States; parliamentary system; more talk about problems with Trump; can we create a Utopian society with drugs before we destroy it; Trump isn’t capable of entertaining new ideas; people are more politically active since Trump was elected; Dennis wanted to be a journalist; deporting of immigrants; problems with journalism; protests and fighting between the left vs. right; Dennis thinks plant medicine will change global consciousness; Dennis thinks the earth is trying to get our attention; Joe thinks cannabis is a gateway drug to good drugs; alcohol and tobacco are drugs; definition of what a drug is; we’re made out of drugs; people can change their perspectives; organized religion denies biology; psychedelics make you appreciate nature; fake shamans; cannabinoid receptors; tryptophan; serotonin; runner’s high; neural/synaptic gating; reality is a facsimile of reality; getting addicted to someone; oxytocin; you’re a prisoner of your neurochemistry; difference between mushrooms and DMT; psilocybin and microdosingThe Psilocybin Solution book; Magic Mushroom Explorer book; psilocybin allows us see the things we normally don’t notice; we always try to explain things with words and put them in boxes; DMT and holding onto memories; Dennis has taken ayahuasca 500+ times and is always learning things; ethnopharmacologic search for psychoactive drugs 50th anniversary talk.

My Thoughts: Lots of Trump talk during the last hour. The rest is all drug talk.

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