The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 943 with Moshe Kasher

Episode Number: 943
Episode Guest: Moshe Kasher
Original Airdate: April 10, 2017
Episode Sponsors: MeUndies, Squarespace, LegalZoom, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Moshe Kasher is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actor. His new show Problematic premieres on Comedy Central on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 10 PM.

Topics Discussed: Things are weird and we might be living in a simulation; pretending that everything is fine; there’s never been a Utopian society; hippie communes; idea that everyone should be given a house; Switzerland doesn’t have homeless people (it does); saying “chink” or “niggardly”; Swastika; Hitler mustaches; Hitler youth haircut; we like to be lied to; talk about Trump; Dick Cheney; yachts; Streets of Monaco hyper yacht; can you be an ethical billionaire; Warren Buffett; why do we love the president; humans always have a king “ape”; Joe explains the story of Theranos to Moshe; women with masculine characteristics; oppressed people have to be great to be seen as average; Moshe thinks men keep women from being in charge; eating meat; new McDonald’s Big Macs; we don’t need meat; Joe talks about a successful female friend; grappling with our monkey DNA; eating meat isn’t bad for you; plants secretly talk to each other; plants respond defensively to sound of caterpillars eating their leaves; large scale agriculture is bad; why it’s impossible to be vegetarian; where the shit in New York city goes; Joe and Moshe grew up on welfare; universal basic income(1:00:00) technology making jobs obsolete; coal industry employs fewer people than Arby’s; Trump Steaks commercial video; Frontline episode “The Choice”; talk about Trump and sexual harassment; Moshe almost got sued for a line in his book Kasher in the Rye; UFC fighters sued after taking picture choking a fan; Hot Coffee documentary; Moshe knew John Draper AKA “Captain Crunch”; Moshe and Joe almost got taken by child molesters as kids; Moshe talks about smoking weed in a train tunnel as a kid and almost getting hit by a train; Joe hopped on the back of a train as a kid; Moshe would ride on the back of a bus as a kid; doing stupid things as a kid; Joe started a fire in a warehouse; Moshe set a slide on fire with chemicals; Joe talks about starting a huge fire as a kid; Moshe did a lot of drugs as a kid but is sober now; Moshe wants to do psychedelics again but is worried about addiction; some people shouldn’t do drugs; feeling paranoid when high; drugs and mental illness; schizophrenia; stress affects babys’ brains; Joe’s anger/temper; addiction and the brain; gambling; Philippines and pool players; alt-right trolls on social media; Accidental Courtesy documentary talk; cultural appropriation; white privilege; racism; black students call out white guy for having dreads; Joe and Moshe debate cultural appropriation; emotion and logic; more talk about cultural appropriation; (2:00:00) antisemitism; Jewish Nobel Prize winners; Joe talks about Fritz Haber again; Zyklon A and Zyklon B; Robert Oppenheimer bomb quote; why Jews are smart; why people hate Jews; Martin Luther talk; talk about the Pope and religion in the past; why are so many priests sexual predators; why do people molest children; Radiolab “Tarred and Feathered” episode about a pedophile who never acted on his impulses; TED Talk about juvenile sex offenders; child sex dolls as treatment for pedophiles; Joe compares prostitution to massages again; prostitutes and disabled people; rolfing; Moshe steers the talk back to cultural appropriation and black lives matter; racism and insensitivity; people aren’t racist towards Italians anymore; Joe and Moshe talk about Italian people in Italy; more talk about Italy; everything is old in Europe; Roman Empire; killing of animals during the Roman Empire; boats; Maidentrip documentary; what is Trump really like; Syria chemical attack; Trump tweeted that the US shouldn’t get involved in Syria; Moshe talks about his new show Problematic on Comedy Central; people want to hear real conversations; Comedy Central talk; Moshe’s Hound Tall podcast; MC Serch talk; The Champs podcast where MC Serch talks about MC Hammer putting a hit out on him.

My Thoughts: Very little talk about comedy. Lots of talk about Trump, racism, and cultural appropriation. A bit of talk about drugs and meat. I liked when they were talking about their childhoods and Joe revealed he was a pyromaniac.

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