The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 942 with Dan Flores

Episode Number: 942
Episode Guest: Dan Flores
Original Airdate: April 5, 2017
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Guest Bio: Dan Flores is a writer and historian who specializes in cultural and environmental studies of the American West. His recent books Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History and American Serengeti: The Last Big Animals of the Great Plains are both available now.

Topics Discussed: Coyotes in Joe’s neighborhood; Joe saw a coyote take one of his chickens; how Dan got into coyotes; a coyote is a wolf; Georgia Coyote Challenge; coyote howls are connected to breeding; hunters are mad that coyotes are killing deer; the US tried to exterminate coyotes at one time; coyotes are spreading into South America; trying to kill coyotes is leading to more coyotes; gray wolves in North America; coywolf; coyotes have overtaken red wolves; gray wolves; wolves left North America and came back a different species; leaving wolves alone is better; how wolves spread; eliminating gray wolves; coyote packs scatter and spread when you try to kill them; you can’t do anything about coyotes; how we know the gray wolf left North America; gray wolves are unique; coyotes are omnivorous; coyotes will eat fruit off trees; how coyotes are different from gray wolves; how do we know canidae spread around the world; horses evolved and became zebras; what happened to horses in North America 8,000-10,000 years ago; wild horses; zebra stripes; what happened to woolly mammoths; wild horses with stripes; panthera; short-faced bear; ice ages, warming, and the wobble of the earth; Joe talks about Randall Carlson and asteroid impacts; we don’t know why some animals disappeared; pronghorn antelope(1:00:00) hyenas lived in North America; cheetahs were in North America and came from mountain lions; more talk about wild horses; humans almost wiped out dozens of animal species in North America; Carolina parakeet; we knew very little about ecology in the past; we tried to kill coyotes without knowing anything about them; coyotes were considered to be prairie wolves; the term “coyote” comes from the Aztec language; Mark Twain wrote about coyotes and our pronunciation of the word comes from him; Native Americans were fascinated with coyotes and considered them a sacred creature; Joe talks again about coyotes and his chickens; coyotes kill rats and rabbits for us; we can’t control coyotes; trying to kill coyotes will result in more coyotes; coyotes see cats as competition; owls kill and eat cats; owl takes hawk from nest video; owls are major predators; Joe saw an owl drop a dead rabbit; coyote killing cat on a lawn in California video; coyotes can develop a taste for cats; cats kill billions of birds each year; two women approached Dan to participate in a documentary about coyotes; wolves moving into cities; feral dogs in the 1800s; coyotes arrived after the removal of feral dogs; American Serengeti and American Prairie Reserve (APR) talk; how animals will be reintroduced in the American Prairie Reserve; resistance from ranchers; brucellosis talk; the ranching community thinks bison are a threat; bison meat is better than beef; APR isn’t allowed to reintroduce bears; wolves are needed to control the elk population; humans are newcomers to North America; Dan’s “Bison Ecology and Bison Diplomacy” report; longhorn bison (latifrons)(2:00:00) more talk about the history of bison in the United States; Native Americans trading bison pelts for supplies; Native Americans abandoning dogs for horses; more talk about Native Americans; firearms; Native Americans wanted steel arrowheads, axes, etc.; why the bison population declined; buffalo jumps; Native Americans thought bison were like people; Bonfire Shelter; mice inherit memories; genetic memories; poison to kill wolves and coyotes.

My Thoughts: Dan rambles about animals and American history for over two hours. Don’t listen unless you’re fascinated with wolves and coyotes and the history of animals in North America.

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