The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 940 with Sam Harris and Dan Harris

Episode Number: 940
Episode Guest: Sam Harris and Dan Harris
Original Airdate: April 4, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Charlotte’s Web Hemp, MVMT Watches, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Sam Harris is a neuroscientist and author of the New York Times bestsellers The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, and The Moral Landscape. Dan Harris is a correspondent for ABC News, an anchor for Nightline and co-anchor for the weekend edition of Good Morning America. Dan is also the founder, author, and host of the book/app/podcast called 10% Happier.

Topics Discussed: Sam and Dan aren’t related; Joe is weirded out by life; Dan had a panic attack while live on the news; what caused his panic attack; Dan was doing ecstasy and cocaine; cocaine is making a comeback; Joe tells the story about someone he knows doing cocaine; Dan was addicted to the adrenaline of covering the war; The Hurt Locker movie; journalist friends he lost in the war; what war is like; what people like about war; war is a drug; how he recovered from drug addiction; Adderall; we are always looking for another hit of dopamine; caffeine; lots of things change the chemistry of the brain; antidepressants and SSRIs; stimulating the brain with electrodes; neural lace; Snapchat glasses; Google Glass; we’re always surrounded by cameras today; access to information today; self-driving cars; man sleeping while his Tesla drives itself video; Pokemon Go; the future with self-driving cars; humans are flawed; artificial intelligence; consciousness; could the internet become conscious; everything we build has goals; goals of artificial intelligence; how AI should be built; concerns with AI; AI could build its own AI that’s like a God; talk about the creation of the atom bomb; Oppenheimer quotes the Bhagavad Gita after the first nuclear explosion video; Manhattan Project and Trinity nuclear test; taking existential risks to create new technology; Joe is terrified of AI; our dependence on the internet; Snapchat filters; kids and technology; (1:00:00) it’s easy to fake audio and video today; fixing fake news; fake sign language interpreter on stage with Obama; White House intruder; the wrong envelope was given at the Oscars; robots/computers are more reliable than people will ever be; more talk about the creation of the atomic bomb; more AI talk; intelligence solves all our problems; meditation; what will people do with their free time in the future; the smart phone has made it impossible to be bored; boredom is the inability to pay attention to anything; people prefer electric shocks to being alone with their thoughts; pros and cons of social media; arguing with people on Twitter; Andy Kindler hates Sam; Sam talks about Hunter Maats; people find others on social media with their same views; flat earth truthers; confirmation bias; more talk about social media; Joe tries not to pay attention to the trolls online; admitting mistakes; wanting the truth to win; the antidote to fake news; being caught lying needs to be devastating; dishonesty; Trump threatens war with North Korea; Trump can’t be trusted but can be trusted to lie; it’s important to have a varied media diet; NY Times is rededicated to the truth; the media was biased about the election; Dan talks about anchoring the news during the election; the electoral collage; the idea of a president is outdated; Trump is realizing the limits of his power as president; Trump’s rollback of pollution standards; climate change and pollution; Porsche 911 Turbo’s exhaust is cleaner than Los Angeles’ air; talk about coal; (2:00:00) universal basic income; wealth and equality; we shouldn’t be held hostage to the idea that coal miners need jobs; dirty technology is incentivized; we’re addicted to fossil fuels; Merchants of Doubt documentary; Trump said climate change is a hoax created by China; China’s air pollution is travelling to the US; calling out Trump’s lies makes you seem anti-Trump; we need unbiased facts; over-the-air antennas; network television news talk; lots of people still get their news from network television; Dan interviewed Alex Jones; Joe and Alex running around in masks while high video; Alex acts different when he’s not on camera; Alex Jones was right about agent provocateur police officers; Operation Northwoods; Gulf of Tonkin incident; Susan Rice called for unmasking of Trump; more talk about news outlets; who should be president in the future; the presidential election is a popularity contest; the country has seen times of more division; what if something big (like 9/11) happens while Trump is president; Trump is a selfish con man with a reliably bad moral compass; Nixon wasn’t as bad as Trump; Trump’s motives are self-involved; more shitting on Trump; Eliot Spitzer; prostitution; Sam thinks Mike Pence is better than Trump; meditation; Joe meditates by doing yoga and going in his isolation tank; Joe explains floating to Dan; metacognition; how Dan meditates; meditating can change the brain; Joe talks about eating edibles and climbing in the tank; talk about eating marijuana; more talk about floating and dissolving sensory input; goals of meditation; Sam talks about meditation; pain, sensations, and psychological suffering; (3:00:00) Dan talks about anger and meditation; Sam and Dan both have meditation apps; using meditation to stop overeating; meditation apps; failing to concentrate; learning how to meditate; meditating is like doing bicep curls for the mind; meditation can reduce stress.

My Thoughts: Dan’s drug addiction. Artificial intelligence and the future. Social media. Trump and the election. Pollution and climate change. News and fake news. More Trump talk. Meditation and isolation tanks. Thankfully there’s no talk about religion.

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