The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 938 with Lawrence Krauss

Episode Number: 938
Episode Guest: Lawrence Krauss
Original Airdate: March 27, 2017
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Guest Bio: Lawrence Krauss is a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, best-selling author, producer, actor, and science and public policy advocate. His latest book The Greatest Story Ever Told–So Far is available now

Topics Discussed: Writing books; gauge symmetry; the world is magic; scientists have ego problems; humans are flawed; counting basketball bounces video; Larry tries to explain gauge symmetry to us dummies; the names given to things are irrelevant; electromagnetism; functions and rules; all forces of nature respect mathematical symmetry; predator/prey relationships; appreciating science without mastering it; writing and trying to respect the reader; science is like art and literature; science changes our perspectives of ourselves; humanity is a cosmic accident; quantum mechanics; Higgs field; Large Hadron Collider; the state of the universe changes as it cools; there’s no special significance to the way the world is; the world has no purpose; we are hardwired to ascribe meaning to everything; the purpose of religion; religion is turning out to be counterproductive; testing our beliefs; talk about religion and belief; religion is scaffolding; science outgrew religion; The Unbelievers documentary; people who have religion forced down their throats; forcing religion on children is child abuse; religion and guilt; homosexuality isn’t unnatural; many species of animals practice homosexuality; religion tells people things that are wrong; the old testament is violent; taking religion literally; religion is about morality; God is like a cosmic Saddam Hussein; (1:00:00) translation of the bible; John Marco Allegro; The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross book; Jesus was made to be divine; nothing should be above questioning; if you’re a scientist, you should never use the word “belief”; people draw arbitrary lines about religion; humans are not rational beings; maturing is learning ridiculous notions are just that; how would society function if we abandoned religion; a lack of religion doesn’t breed badness; the net effect of religion is negative; building a sense of community in other ways; science binds people globally; scientists try to prove their colleagues wrong and push knowledge forward; scientists celebrate being wrong; be comfortable with not knowing something; we should be teaching questions not answers; religion and not being allowed to question things; people who think science will never explain love; to progress, we have to be aware of dogma; how the Greeks determined the circumference of the earth; flat earth truthers; people who don’t believe in gravity; Japanese satellite takes an image of the earth every 10 minutes; debunking the flat earth theory; people are willing to discard evidence for their beliefs; we’re capable of believing in contradictory things; the desire to expose secrets; being driven by ego; conspiracies are attractive; Salem witch trials; ergot poisoning; assigning blame where it doesn’t belong; origins of xenophobia; artificial intelligence is terrifying and exciting; AI will displace billions of people from work; sharing the wealth/universal basic income; merging with technology; humans could be the predecessor of a greater species; release your fear; Ex Machina movie; science fiction movies; Starship Troopers movie; Ghost movie; programming machines with human values; our need to create; AlphaGo; everything requires rigor and creativity; AI’s motivation for creativity; CRISPR and genetic engineering; accept the fact that things will change; new technology is terrifying; more talk about genetic engineering; supermassive black holes; we don’t know what happens inside black holes(2:00:00) more talk about black holes; frozen stars; GPS and clocks/time; more talk about black holes and stars; dark matter; life gets more mysterious the more we learn; gamma-ray bursts; the universe is big and old and rare events happen all the time; stars exploding; we’re all stardust and connected to the universe; you don’t have to be a scientist to find science amazing; light pollution; Arecibo Observatory; A Universe from Nothing book; what happened before the universe existed; creating something out of nothing; time didn’t exist before the universe; expansion of the universe; multiverses; Lawrence explains the universe in under two minutes video; more space talk; the universe looks like the way it does because we’re here to measure it.

My Thoughts: Talk about the universe, religion, artificial intelligence, and the future. I couldn’t wrap my head around most of what he was saying about the universe.

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