The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 936 with Colin Moriarty

Episode Number: 936
Episode Guest: Colin Moriarty
Original Airdate: March 24, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Winc, ZipRecruiter, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Colin Moriarty is the co-founder of Kinda Funny and creator of Colin’s Last Stand, a new series of videos about history and politics.

Topics Discussed: Colin had to resign from his job after a “sexist” tweet; you’re not allowed to have a personality anymore; if the tweet was reversed, men wouldn’t care; why people wanted to get him; Borderlands 2 “girlfriend mode”; you have to subscribe to liberal thinking in San Francisco; Twitter is good for joke writing; long tweets; Dave Chappelle backlash about trans jokes; International Business Times called Colin’s joke racist; writers have to get clicks; a woman told Colin she never experienced sexism in the game industry; Colin doesn’t want to write anything to ruin people for clicks; Colin hates the TSA; stuff gets through TSA all the time; more talk about airports and terrorism; the threat is evolving; Israeli airport security; SWAT teams raid houses and shoot dogs over small amounts of marijuana; SWAT team raids home growing tomatoes; more TSA talk; NSA can look through our emails and text messages; Colin’s confrontations with the TSA; more TSA talk; Israel and mandatory military service; Australia; Colin hates spiders; box jellyfish; Edward Snowden talk; Obama commuted Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence(1:00:00) Fallon Fox talk; Chelsea Manning solitary confinement for suicide attempt; collateral murder WikiLeaks video; Obama promised to keep whistleblowers protected; more NSA talk; Alex Jones isn’t right wing, he’s anti-government; Bill Binney, the original NSA whistleblower; Joe wants to go to Russia and talk to Snowden; we’re all under surveillance; NSA and telecommunications companies; terrorists are targeted using phone metadata; National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA); Eisenhower warns of the military industrial complex video; keeping conflict active to make money and preserve jobs; Gulf of Tonkin incident; businesses and unlimited growth; Trump proposes $54 billion defense spending hike; military bases around the world; Colin has political tattoos; his passion is American history and politics; Colin talks about his political beliefs; the video game industry wants everyone to be the same; Joe’s been accused of being right wing; abortion talk; gender pay gap myth; to some people, the truth doesn’t matter; there are some benefits to being a woman; feminism isn’t about equality, it’s anti-men; Joe is opposed to people who generalize; very few people came to Colin’s defense after his tweet; liberty; if you give the government too much power, you will never get it back; it’s rare when something illegal becomes legal, like marijuana; (2:00:00) Colin resigned from his job rather than apologize for his joke; blowback towards the people who were against Colin; people don’t realize the consequences of their words; taking humor the wrong way; should someone be allowed to fly a Nazi or Confederate flag; talk about the Civil War; Colin has been interested in politics since he was 6 or 7; talk about Kinda Funny; he started a new YouTube channel Colin’s Last Stand; more talk about his new YouTube channel and its Patreon; Colin is high-energy and talks fast because he’s passionate; why is the gaming industry so left wing; conservatives and libertarians in the game industry hide their beliefs; Six Days in Fallujah and the problem with political correctness in video games; character assassination in the video game world; getting called a racist; creativity and race; complaints about lack of diversity in creative fields, like gaming; Gawker article on Conde Nast CFO; character assassination; people don’t understand the repercussions of their actions; mob mentality; people try to divert attention away from themselves; is Trump afraid of stairs; the gaming media is dying; the Pewdiepie fiasco; traditional media is jealous of YouTubers; you can’t trust traditional media anymore; journalism is entertainment today; anyone can have a platform today.

My Thoughts: Talk about getting fired from his job, starting a new YouTube channel, politics, American history, and journalism today.

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