The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 934 with John Dudley

Episode Number: 934
Episode Guest: John Dudley
Original Airdate: March 22, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: John Dudley is a professional archer and host of Nock On TV. Check out his podcast Nock On available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Joe and John ate junk food during their hunting trip; eating junk food as a kid vs. as an adult; tastes changing as you age; hakarl (fermented shark); venison; hunting wild pigs; picture of them hunting; wild boars are dangerous; Joe tells the story about William Randolph Hearst and marijuana again; people are okay with killing an ugly animal; John talks about his wife starting to hunt deer; John’s dad hit a deer with his car and smashed his teeth; hunting is population control; more talk about Tejon Ranch and wild pigs; which primate is the scariest; short-faced bear; werewolves; vampires; Irish elk; Joe wouldn’t hunt if there were short-faced bears in the wild; getting charged by grizzly bears; grizzly bears can run 45 mph; hunters are friendly and helpful; chickens eat meat; weightlifting talk; exercises with simple movements; bad weightlifting form leads to injuries; Brock Lesnar talk; we should be shooting and eating wild pigs instead of factory farming; feeding the homeless with wild meat; selling meat you hunted; Polyface Farm; terror birds; flat earth talk; Shaq thinks the earth is flat; ice wall; talk about Bigfoot; Rob Lowe is doing a TV show where he hunts for Bigfoot; hairy people; Joe tells the story about working with a chimp on NewsRadio(1:00:00) speed of grizzly bears compared to chimps and silverback gorillas; strength of a grizzly compared to a silverback; fighting a 10 lb. cat; Joe’s neighbor saw a mountain lion; more talk about bears and silverbacks fighting each other; learning archery from John; coaches and coaching; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coaching; Eddie Bravo; Duane Ludwig crane kick video; bouncy road boners; Spaceballs movie; Borat movie; Sacha Baron Cohen talk; Joe’s archery skills; eating meat from an animal you killed is respectful; John’s archery/hunting/competition history; I Am Defiant videos; floating in isolation tanks; how yoga is helping John with his hunting; hanging for mobility and flexibility; bears have personality; Jim Miller; bitch slaps in fighting; Bas Rutten; human evolution; Joe talks about learning pool; appreciating something when you do it yourself; discipline; testing yourself; routine; (John goes to the bathroom); Joe talks about taking a break from working out; the universe requires moments of discomfort; Joe talks about reward systems again; John talks about his cameramen; losing ego to excel at something like archery; target panic(2:00:00) performance anxiety; occupy your mind with the process instead of the result; John is going to learn BJJ; bears; Hawaii’s white sand beaches are made from parrotfish poop; eagles; underwater iguana; coral spawning; moonlight triggers mass coral romance; coral; deer that lock antlers together and die; what if people were like deer; Art Bell; Joe was convinced UFOs and aliens existed; Hanger 18 movie; North Korea and missiles; mixing Alpha Brain Instant and Angel’s Envy whisky; Zen in the Art of Archery book; The Book of Five Rings book; extreme people; Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Conor McGregor talk; Conor’s power; George Foreman hitting a heavy bag video; George Foreman vs. Joe Frazier video; Muhammad Ali talk; speculation about McGregor’s boxing power; McGregor’s heart; more Mayweather vs. McGregor talk.

My Thoughts: Entertaining casual podcast. They talk about hunting and archery but meander to other topics like werewolves, flat earth, Bigfoot, MMA, pool, and Mayweather vs. McGregor.

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