The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 933 with Julie Kedzie

Episode Number: 933
Episode Guest: Julie Kedzie
Original Airdate: March 16, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Rocket Mortgage, Naturebox, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Julie Kedzie is a retired mixed martial artist and is currently doing commentary for Invicta Fighting Championships.

Topics Discussed: Julie is working on her masters for creative non-fiction writing; intelligent female fighters; MMA and creativity; Julie is a women’s MMA pioneer; trying to find fights in the past; Julie said in 2004 she would one day be in the UFC; explaining to someone you want to fight people; Joe is obsessed with people who hike the Appalachian trail; becoming addicted to pushing yourself; MMA and preserving your health; Julie’s injuries; Julie started martial arts at four; Julie’s last fight; Julie talks about training with Greg Jackson in New Mexico; Julie talks about shitting her pants during a fight for Bodog in Russia; Julie met Vladimir Putin; Tapout clothes; Trump talk; Julie was a Bernie Sanders fan; we need a better political/election system; socialism; student loans; the rigid educational system; we should spend more money on fixing the educational system; Joe rants about modern art and LACMA again; Julie was once in law school; she talks about her martial arts competition past; she’s broken her nose seven or eight times; Joe talks about getting his nose repaired; sinus medication; more talk about her injuries; the body isn’t designed for combat sports; Dan Henderson; Julie is clumsy; Julie thinks it’s in our DNA to fight; weight cutting and fighters missing weight talk; there needs to be more weight classes; Joanna Jedrzejczyk talk; fighters and branding themselves; Conor McGregor; pretending to be someone you aren’t; getting inspired by MMA; pressure on female MMA fighters to be sexy; Michelle Waterson talk; picking apart and sizing up potential rivals; sparring and training with men; Julie thinks she was better in the gym than in competition; head trauma; getting dropped while training for her last fight; Diego Sanchez talk; what people are looking for in an MMA fight; Stephen Thompson vs. Tyron Woodley fight; different fighting styles; Diego Sanchez’s style; Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald fight; repercussions from a war in the cage; heterotopia; why do people fight; Ronda Rousey’s return to fight Amanda Nunes; Ronda fought Holly Holm the wrong way; (1:00:00) more talk about Ronda vs. Amanda; Cat Zingano; more talk about how Ronda handled her loss to Holly Holm; Ronda had no answers for getting hit; Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz; Anderson Silva’s style; commercialization of MMA; today’s fighters don’t prepare for chaos; fighters rejecting last-minute replacements; Jon Jones refused to fight Chael Sonnen and UFC 151 got cancelled; Jon Jones’ personal issues; Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson; Jon Jones’ toe after Vitor Belfort fight; Jon Jones talk; Donald Cerrone talk; Joe is always evolving; Joe talks about his past with stand-up comedy, acting, and interviewing/commentating for the UFC; Joe thinks what he does for the UFC is insignificant; Julie tries to model herself after Joe while commentating; Joe doesn’t follow other sports; Joe felt like crying while interviewing Darren Elkins after the Mirsad Bektic fight; Joe’s passion for MMA; Joe doesn’t commentate for the UFC as much because he has too much other stuff to do; Joe talks about the process of writing material for stand-up; the stakes in MMA are immediately high; Julie thinks she was a lousy matchmaker for Invicta FC; martial arts is an art; Miesha Tate vs. Holly Holm fight; MMA is high-level problem solving with dire physical consequences; Anderson Silva’s style and strategy; Nick Diaz lays down during his Anderson Silva fight video; Nick Diaz’s shit talking during a fight; Anderson Silva is a counter striker and doesn’t engage; the stories in MMA excite Julie now; Urijah Faber talk; Julie loves MMA and has to stay involved in it; why doesn’t Invicta have ring card boys; what if the UFC had ring card boys; sexualizing of combat sports; Joe talks about watching his first female MMA fight; women’s boxing never had a star; female MMA fighters are equal with the men; Ronda Rousey talk; Gina Carano talk; Cris “Cyborg” Justino talk; Cyborg’s recent positive drug test; permanent effects of taking steroids; Jorina Baars vs. Cris Cyborg fight; more talk about men and women doping and the effects on the body; banned substances; Julie would have taken steroids in the past because everyone was taking them; Joe knows girls who compete in BJJ who take testosterone; suspensions for positive drug tests; more drug testing talk; Vitor Belfort before and after steroids; Bernard Hopkins knocked out of the ring; recognizing when it’s time to retire; testosterone replacement therapy(2:00:00) head injuries and lower testosterone; Julie was put on estrogen after retiring from MMA; Julie’s body issues from fighting in MMA; her birth control pills caused her to become depressed; she put on 30 lbs. after retiring; depression is likely a combination of many factors; mental diets; pushing yourself mentally; she is addicted to Twitter and loves talking shit to people; she’s proud to be a feminist; male feminists have ruined feminism; male feminist Jamie Kilstein accused of sexual assault; virtue signalling; does Joe feel responsibility for his popularity; hive mind mentality; Alex Jones talk; agent provocateurs; Julie was arrested for political protesting when she was 18; types of protesting; blocking highways for protest; Dakota Access Pipeline protests; misdirected rage and anger; mob mentality; the aggressive left is pushing people towards the right; girl in “Make Bitcoin Great Again” hat pepper sprayed; Trump is scared and doesn’t want to be president; the presidential election is a popularity contest; Jeff Sessions says marijuana is only “slightly less awful” than heroin; the us vs. them mentality; it’s hard to get motivated without opposition; Julie received lots of rape threats during the election because of her anti-Trump tweets; Julie likes arguing and competing with people; BJJ competitions; the need to get absorbed in things; Julie was diagnosed with ADHD and was given Adderall; Julie’s off anti-depressants because she couldn’t orgasm for a year; sex is awesome for a woman in her mid-thirties; she suffered from eating disorders; she feels things too intensely; she takes Adderall once per day; Julie describes how Adderall helps her; effects of head trauma and CTE; self-medication and Bulimia; she credits Greg Jackson for saving her life; diet and its effects on the brain; her diet today after fighting; she grew up very Catholic; she needs something to obsess about; talk about her writing; Pablo Picasso’s “La Belle Hollandaise” painting; realizing she was done with fighting; overtraining for her last fight against Germaine de Randamie; Germaine’s late punches during the Holly Holm fight; Holly Holm talk; Holly Holm’s bad boxing knockout loss; Julie asks Joe about his regrets; mistakes help you grow and make you better; testing yourself and seeking improvement is important; Joe is constantly trying difficult things–like yoga–that he fails at; Joe is genuinely curious about things; fail more and fail better; people who aren’t listening but waiting for their chance to talk; listening is important; Joe has no huge regrets; people too often define themselves by their past failures; the pain of the mundane; lamenting the loss of potential; exploring personal sovereignty; does Joe feel a responsibility for his audience; (3:00:00) honesty is important; don’t bullshit yourself; Julie comes from a family of scientists; be happy for the uncomfortable moments; our inability to commit ourselves to learning; group thinking; a lot of people are soft; the beauty of individuality; people don’t know how to help themselves; Julie needs to express her aggressive energy in another outlet; online trolling and muting people; putting the phone away; podcasts help Joe connect with people; life is weird as fuck for everyone; be nice and connect with people.

My Thoughts: I like Julie and this is a great podcast if you’re an MMA fan, at least for the first half. Debate about politics and protesting during the second hour, so if you’re tired of that topic, you’ll want to skip that chunk of the episode. Talk about head trauma, depression, and her health issues. Interesting stuff. Good motivational talk towards the end.

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