The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 932 with TJ Kirk

Episode Number: 932
Episode Guest: TJ Kirk
Original Airdate: March 15, 2017
Episode Sponsors: LegalZoom, Dollar Shave Club, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: TJ Kirk is a professional ranter, author, and the creator of the YouTube channel The Amazing Atheist. He is also a co-host of The Drunken Peasants Podcast which is available for download via iTunes.

Topics Discussed: TJ is transitioning away from using “The Amazing Atheist” name; memory getting worse; TJ tells a story about his brother’s edible panic attack; jingles; drink coffee to counteract the effects of marijuana; Milo on TJ’s podcast; Milo Yiannopoulos was molested; TJ is skeptical of Milo’s molestation story; Milo wants a reaction from people; people wanted Obama to get assassinated; socialism; anarchists; private police; superdelegates; TJ’s last job was at IHOP; people who don’t talk about politics or watch news; TJ talks about working at IHOP and dating a 32-year-old when he was 18; TJ dumped pancakes in a customer’s lap; TJ’s antisocial; TJ was nervous the last time he did Joe’s podcast; TJ was on CNN; hyphenated last names; TJ changed his name; TJ’s dad had the same name as Captain Kirk; Dave Chappelle getting “I’m Rick James bitch!” yelled at him; Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor; a government job is difficult; stress of being president; Hillary Clinton started the birther conspiracy; protesting presidents; Ronald Reagan talk; Iran-Contra affair; the US sells arms all over the world; all presidents are hated; House of Cards Netflix show; getting offended when someone doesn’t like what you like; bad music in Ubers; people have different tastes; weird foods that are good together; pineapple on pizza; Canadian bacon; waffles in Belgium; Waffle House restaurant and the crazy people who go/work there; getting bothered while trying to eat; TJ’s girlfriend’s nut allergy; TJ’s crazy waiter story; TJ talks about going to a weed dispensary in Colorado; weed dispensaries can only take cash; Jeff Sessions says weed is only slightly less awful than heroin; legalized marijuana creates lots of jobs; (1:00:00) police and prison guard unions fight marijuana legalization; private for-profit prisons; 250 skulls found in mass grave in Mexico; legalized and regulated drugs is the best way to fight drug dealers and cartels; opiates; TJ is obese; opiates are a gateway to heroin; ibogaine for drug addiction treatment; TJ smokes cigarettes and used to smoke two packs per day; TJ’s love/hate relationship with cigarettes; dying from lung cancer is terrible; TJ finds it hard to get passionate about things; people giving their opinions to you; people want authenticity; getting boxed into a character; Bobcat Goldthwait; Willow Creek movie; TJ is fascinated by conspiracy theories; alien abductions and sleep; TJ suffered from sleep paralysis; hallucinations during sleep; TJ saw a figure when he was asleep; what causes hallucinations; The Exorcist movie; child and baby actors; American Sniper rubber baby scene; American Sniper movie; Jesse Ventura’s American Sniper lawsuit; pressures of war; Chris Kyle’s (the American Sniper) lies; teenagers going to war; old guys don’t sign up for the army; TJ thought about joining the military; military recruiters will bullshit you; 90% of people killed in drone strikes were civilians; drone strike video; WikiLeaks collateral murder video; more drone strike talk; war is consistent between governments; Obama never offered protection to whistleblowers; all our phones are tapped; TJ thinks the CIA is worse than the NSA; marijuana is still federally illegal; a lot of people smoke weed; some potheads are hard-working; cannabis raids continue in Canada; Justin Trudeau and Canadian marijuana talk; more marijuana legalization talk; Jeff Sessions has no idea what pot is really like; it’s hard to form an opinion on someone without knowing them; weed can help people stay happy, healthy, and grounded; weed and anxiety; more talk about how Jeff Sessions needs to try marijuana; (2:00:00) edible marijuana talk; getting high before you work out; Joe’s fight with Steven Crowder over marijuana; Steven Crowder punched by union protester; TJ talks about how Steven Crowder has something against him; Steven’s Cenk Uygur impression; talk about Cenk Uygur; battling over viewers; Alex Jones challenged Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks; The Young Turks reporting inaccurately about Milo; the media is a joke; Megyn Kelly; Nancy Grace talk; Nancy Grace debates 2 Chainz over pot; split-screen television debates; Tucker Carlson; Joe talks about his podcast with Alex Jones; Alex Jones apology compilation; talk about Alex’s interdimensional child molester conspiracy theory; taking a shit in a bucket; Jim Bakker’s buckets; Jim Bakker talk; Joel Osteen; TJ reinventing himself as a conservative Christian; you can believe in God, but if you believe in the devil, you’re crazy; reincarnation; Joel Osteen’s net worth is $55 million; what if Denzel Washington became a television preacher; politics is for ugly people who can’t get into show business; James Randi exposes Peter Popoff for wearing an earpiece; more talk about TJ reinventing himself as a conservative Christian; what if believing in God made a woman’s pussy tighter; Islam and women covering themselves up; the Middle East is connected to 6,000-year-old culture; Australia is awesome; TJ feels guarded in Los Angeles; Seattle and the pacific northwest; Portland; places Joe would live; winter in New York; TJ loves the weather in Seattle; people commuting to Los Angeles.

My Thoughts: A little awkward at first. Lots of talk about weed, politics, war, and religion. TJ talks about his life and his past. Pretty casual.

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