The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 929 with Dan Pena

Episode Number: 929
Episode Guest: Dan Pena
Original Airdate: March 10, 2017
Episode Sponsors: MVMT Watches, Casper, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Dan Peña is a businessman and high-performance business coach.

Topics Discussed: Dan dresses flamboyantly; Dan did a talk with Jason Capital; people pay Jason Capital up to $3,000/month to learn his secrets; traffic in California; Blade Runner movie takes place in 2019; predicting the future; trading stocks online; Trump and creating jobs; Dan supports Trump; transformation of wealth because of Trump; Trump is going to add infrastructure; Dan suggests building a wall with El Chapo’s money; no one worries about AIDS anymore; taking action is critical; Tom Segura had lunch with Dan; Tom’s weight loss; Dan became a powerlifter in his 60s and ripped his bicep; Dan’s artificial body parts; more talk about Dan’s injuries and surgeries; stem cell therapy; Dan’s regrets; Dan killed a bear by shooting it and stabbing it 70-80 times; Dan fought and killed a water buffalo in Australia; acting on instinct; fighting and strategies; Joe talks about Hector Lombard; Nick and Nate Diaz; Dan was in the military and never saw combat which is why he wants to kill animals; Dan was going to attack Haiti; Dan grew up in the “hood” of east Los Angeles; Dan wanted to be a priest as a kid; Dan dropped an aquarium on a teacher’s head; Dan broke someone’s arm as a kid; Dan’s friend suffers from Agent Orange exposure; Israel and Palestine conflict; Dan thinks aliens haven’t come to earth because of our conflicts; electric car history; Aramco going public; the oil crisis is bullshit according to Dan; OPEC; talk about oil prices; fracking; more oil talk; Dan turned $800 into $500 million because of oil; we should worry about ending wars, not oil and the environment; the world was more peaceful when Bill Clinton was president; Dan says the US killed Kim Jong Un’s half brother; Libya and Gaddafi; Dan doesn’t think Google will change the world; accessing information will change the world; talk of oil-driven economies; more talk about the Middle East and oil; (1:00:00) Aramco is going public to fight fracking; drilling for oil in the gulf coast; off-shore oil drilling; Black Gold Stranglehold book; Dan explains oil to Joe; oil is mostly plant matter; Dan talks about solar power; wind power; Dan talks about visiting the South Pole; Dan says scientists told him global warming was a joke; global flooding and real estate; Dan is 72 and wants to live until 120; most people hate their lives and are unhappy; more talk about stem cell treatment; broken orbital bones from MMA fights; Joe talks about Fallon Fox and changing genders; transgender high school wrestler; Joe explains Ronda Rousey’s rise and fall to Dan; wanting to see someone fail; talk about Ronda’s recent losses and what she should/could do to improve her skills; women’s MMA compared to men’s; Demetrious Johnson is the best fighter; talk about how the UFC has changed since its sale; fights falling through; the UFC sale to WME-IMG; Dan says the UFC needs to go public or they won’t make back their money; Dan went public and made 100,000 times his money; Dan’s money growth was 55 million percent; Dan’s advice for the new UFC owners; Dan talks about Joe taking his podcast public; hostile takeovers; Brock Lesnar talk; learning how to strike when you’re older; Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez; Dan had the opportunity to invest in the WWE but didn’t; WWE/pro wrestling talk; lack of money for MMA fighters; there’s not much money in boxing either; Dan lived in the Philippines, China, and India; people act differently when they think they’re going to die; it’s not what happens in life, it’s how you react; jellyfish; climate change talk; Dan got married at the North Pole as well; Dan married his wife six times; you have to pay to win a Guinness World Record; vets don’t make good TV; Dan lives in a castle; how Dan got involved in the internet; Dan likes LinkedIn; Dan says Joe’s shtick is to pretend to be outside the box but he’s really inside the box; getting out of your comfort zone; overcoming adversity; Dan wants to minimize peoples’ regrets; millenials and regret; interest rates are very low and people should start businesses; talk about seminars at Dan’s castle; people crying at Dan’s seminars; people come to Dan because they’re desperate or want to be inspired; Dan won’t allow “cross dressers” at his seminars; Dan talks about a guy who’s mom was a prostitute and he grew up in a whorehouse; pull the trigger and follow your dreams; Dan talks about success stories of people who went to his seminars; teenagers are better at business because they have less baggage; Jon Jones talk; Anderson Silva talk; Dan was at a Mike Tyson fight; Dan talks about Muhammad Ali protecting him from a fight.

My Thoughts: Lots of talk about oil. Dan seems like an…interesting…character.

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