The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 927 with Tom Papa

Episode Number: 927
Episode Guest: Tom Papa
Original Airdate: March 7, 2017
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Guest Bio: Tom Papa is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and television/radio host. His latest special Human Mule is coming to Hulu on March 8, 2017. You can also listen to his podcast Come To Papa available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Topics Discussed: Eye glasses and eyesight; Tom has a scar on his eyeball; glasses make a girl sexy; Tom was a class clown during school; Tom played football and suffered concussions; Tom had to play against Craig Heyward; Mark Hunt and other big Samoans; it’s more acceptable to be yourself today in school; McGoorty book; the Great Depressionfinancial crisis of 2007-2008; not understanding people talking about stocks/finances; Joe talks about pool fouls and almost getting in a fight; more pool talk; Joe talks about guys playing chess in their heads; what if the stock market crashes again; pressure of being the president; Trump’s confidence; people are more open-minded today; homework that kids have today; preparing kids for a middle-class life; Tom’s kid isn’t into school; school is boring; Cosmos TV series; why aren’t teachers paid more; rich people won’t benefit from making bad schools better; Chance the Rapper donated $1,000,000 to Chicago schools; Trump abolishing the EPA; “cuck” definition; words you can’t say anymore; Joe talks again about the “Make Me Hard” sketch on The Man Show; swearing on TV; The Walking Dead TV show talk; Joe prefers fast zombies; Black Friday sales; Devil’s Night; Stanton Friedman; Percy Fawcett looking for the city of El Dorado in the Amazon; old structures; Gobekli Tepe; underwater cities; divers discover ancient treasure trove in shipwreck(1:00:00) what kids do at night; Tom smokes Cuban cigars; Joe talks about the Stephen Thompson vs. Tyron Woodley fight; Joe rants about MMA scoring; Joe talks about going off his diet when away from home; going off your diet is hijacking your digestive system; Joe’s favorite cheat meal is Popeyes chicken; they talk about the best fried chicken; collard greens; bok choy; kale; shitting; Dumb and Dumber shitting scene video; Ari fired his manager because he told him not to tell a story about shitting his pants; shit jokes; porn on Twitter; Tom doesn’t check his mentions on Twitter; Arian Foster thinks he can kill a wolf with his hands; Tom was really into wolves when he was younger; talk about wolves; talk about bears; Tom talks about seeing a bear; biggest brown bear kills; entelodonts/hell pigs; what if hell pigs were around today; more talk about wolves; killing an animal with your hands; China dog meat festival; people with pigs as pets; people abandoning their dogs; kids torturing animals; raccoons are predators; shooting a raccoon with an arrow; Joe talks about bows and arrows; Joe had a staredown with a raccoon; domesticating a raccoon; talk about public lands; H.R.621; H.R.622; oil is the blood of the earth; pollution; farms stink; meat processing plants stink; food in New York City; Lyme disease map; New York state; Joe talks about doing comedy in New York; more New York talk; Poconos; Catskills; abandoned resorts of the Poconos; Saturday Night Fever movie; life was different in the ’70s; La La Land movie; Speed Buggy cartoon; Gilligan’s Island TV show; nobody was banging on Gilligan’s Island(2:00:00) Joe watches Dog with a Blog; sitcoms today; sitcoms are a lot of work; Joe talks about working with Ray Romano; crime TV shows; murder podcasts; Missing Richard Simmons podcast; autopsy TV shows; nurses who kill their patients; Law and Order TV shows; Americans moving to another country; Joe talks about seeing a military compound in Mexico that protects the resorts; resort cities and crime; Acapulco Gold; getting nervous while travelling to poor countries; Narcos Netflix show; Pablo Escobar; Sean Penn meeting El Chapo; Colors movie; Common rapper; poets and poetry; people hate everything; saying “twat”; Joe banged a girl who called her vagina a cunt; Joe’s girlfriend gave his friend her number and he confronted her about it; Joe talks more about the crazy girl; Joe had a car phone; getting directions in the past; driving to gigs; Joe talks about a girl with nose rings; people with bad childhoods; communicating and networking online; kids don’t work anymore; Joe talks about a Twitter beef with a gay comic; being told you can’t talk about something; Joe’s kid asked him why a man was wearing a dress when she saw Caitlyn Jenner; schools and bullying; political correctness; social justice warriors; people go so far left they end up on the right; the gross feeling after fighting with someone; conflict today is different than in the past; a lot of the confrontations we get into today are avoidable; feeling bad after a confrontation; communicating with people; being aware of violence in day-to-day life; hot women in public attract assholes; fixing bad neighborhoods; helping autistic kids; The Pope on panhandling; there are too many people to help; homeless guys with dogs; it’s hard to keep your shit together; being a human being doesn’t make sense; Joe only watches one TV show at a time; Joe wants to find something new to do; Tom suggests that Joe start baking bread; Tom is writing a book; Joe wants to start writing blogs again; Confessions of a Dangerous Mind book; WikiLeaks publishes CIA’s spying secrets; Russian diplomats keep dying unexpectedly; Russia interfering with the presidential election and the DNC hack; the democrats were involved in some shady shit; Hillary Clinton talk; Trump’s connection to Russia; (3:00:00) more talk about Russia and Putin; Trump is allowing coal waste dumping in West Virginia; PBS talk; talk about the jobs Trump wants to create; self-driving cars; Tom talks about his Tesla driving itself; Mexico’s president is worse than Trump; Philippine drug war; Trump will help people make positive change; Americans have a breaking point; eco-terrorism; murder of Kim Jong Un’s half brother; it’s a crazy world but you need to have hope.

My Thoughts: I enjoy when Tom is on the podcast. Mostly nice and light and they bounce around from topic to topic. Political talk towards the end.

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