The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 925 with Theo Von

Episode Number: 925
Episode Guest: Theo Von
Original Airdate: February 28, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Blue Apron, Lyft, JackThreads, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Theo Von is a stand-up comedian, television personality, host, and actor. Check out his special on Netflix called No Offense and the podcast he co-hosts called Allegedly available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Topics Discussed: (Joe sings Midnight Rider by The Allman Brothers Band); Lynyrd Skynyrd; Joe used to live in Gainsville, Florida; Louisiana people are jealous of Florida; Disneyland alligator attack; alligator on Florida golf course video; crocodile attacks; Justin Wren talk; killing the weakest person in a group; Theo would eat a Vietnamese person if he had to resort to cannibalism; Theo fasted for four days; his hunger heightened his senses; senses of animals compared to humans; animals and magnetoreception; can people see auras; orgasmic meditation; making yourself cum by thinking; wet dreams; Silence of the Lambs movie; wanting to cum on someone; homosexuality in prison; American Me movie; gay guys and rest stops; are our senses getting duller; sex and the future; gene editing to create super babies; tallest man ever; taller people and a shorter life expectancy; Brock Lesnar’s size; origin of the domestic dog; Radiolab “New Nice” podcast episode about foxes; humans evolving from chimpanzees; variations between humans; monkeys don’t care about us; Joe gave a monkey an Oreo and he twisted it open to eat the frosting first; Theo ate 45 Oreos in one night; teenagers driving; Joe crashed his car as a teenager; teenage boys are dangerous; male teens have boy brains and man bodies; chimp intelligence; gruesome chimp attack; chimps attack and eat other chimps; Joe would never try to fight a chimp; human evolution theories; Theo says today’s vaginas are harder than they were in the past; women emasculating men; domestic violence; we turn into our parents even if we don’t want to; (1:00:00) Theo’s dad was 70 when he was born; Theo got into comedy because people made fun of his old dad; he was 16 when his dad died; Theo’s dad was 25 years older than his mom’s parents; his dad was from Nicaragua and spoke Spanish; as a kid he was always scared of his dad hurting himself; Joe talks about staying with his grandfather and grandmother in New Jersey; blockbusting; Theo talks more about his relationship with his mother and father; Theo was driving his 82-year-old father around when he was 12; crows broke the windows of his dad’s car; more talk about his dad; the ideas of how our lives should be are based on movies; Joey Diaz talk; people with fucked up lives are the most interesting people; Whitney Cummings talk; wanting a regular life; Man From Atlantis TV show; Theo wanted to be a fish; Man From Atlantis scavenger hunt video; Star Trek Captian Kirk vs. reptile alien fight scene video; Theo talks about past fights he was in; he didn’t know who Princess Diana was when she died; Halle Berry hit and run car accident; Chris Brown Lamborghini car crash; rappers and flaunting wealth; Chris Brown’s cars; Theo lost money in a pyramid scheme; someone tried to get Joe in a pyramid scheme; Theo used to work out with David Duke; racism in the past; Joe’s mom had to explain to him what the N word was; Joe talks about when his mom told him about sex; childhood in the ’70s and ’80s compared to today; communicating in the past; Theo talks about when his friend fingered a girl in the woods and his friends’ dad smelled his fingers; what if a girl got period blood on your carpet; girls letting period blood run down their legs; girls and Creatine; protests; inauguration crowd sizes; women’s march; Mike Pence, tampon tax, and women letting their periods run down their legs; putting a tampon in your butt; shame of women having their periods; birth control pills; Rush Limbaugh called a woman a slut for wanting birth control; men would be furious if they had periods and had to pay tax on tampons; teachers hooking up with their teenage students; age of consent laws(2:00:00) relationships with vast differences in age; baby Jessica who fell down the well; 80-year-old Muslim man marries his 12-year-old bride; when is technology not good for us as humans; computers becoming part of our bodies; Hugh Hurr developed bionic legs; new Boston Dynamics robot; change is happening so fast we can’t manage it; everything is getting better all the time; Nokia wrist phone; radar detectors; if you were an amputee you would want bionic legs; nostalgia and longing for the past; memories change as you age; Black Mirror TV show; recreating thought patterns; it’s important to optimize your life and exercise; hangovers; at what point are humans no good anymore; we’ll turn into something else; Theo is scared he won’t be needed in the future; we want to be needed; we need to limit our emotions to evolve; what would you bring into the matrix; is a soul real; no one knows what happens after death; being alive is strange; everyone is helping technology evolve; reincarnation; kids with past lives; ghost hunter shows never find anything; black people don’t look for Bigfoot; 5-year-old boy claims he lived a past life and died in a Chicago fire; people want to discover things; escape rooms; homesteads; death is a lack of control; everybody’s ride ends.

My Thoughts: Lots of talk about their families. Talk about animals, technology, the future, death, life, and more.

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