The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 924 with Rory Albanese

Episode Number: 924
Episode Guest: Rory Albanese
Original Airdate: February 28, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace,, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Rory Albanese is a comedian, comedy writer, and television producer. He was an executive producer and writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and also appeared on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

Topics Discussed: Kellyanne Conway sitting with her feet on a couch; Trump as president is like we’re living in a dream; saying “sad.” after tweets; memes are a new form of comedy; The Fat Jewish and stealing memes; Ivanka Trump’s dress made her look like a burrito; Melania Trump and Joe Biden plagiarized their speeches; Joe Biden talk; people make memes very quickly; regular people can be very funny too; Joe talks about working with a private investigator; being a comedian is a special skill that doesn’t look like a special skill; starting out in comedy; learning how to relax; Tait Fletcher is starting stand-up comedy; being comfortable on stage; talk about working on The Daily Show and The Nightly Show; FOX wasn’t always right wing; calling people snowflakes; grown men crying; Trump’s press ban; Obama almost banned FOX News; Joe thinks Obama was a great representative of the country; CNN hates Trump; cable news networks are trying to get viewers to sell ads; balloon boy hoax; the news is an entertainment show; Anderson Cooper talk; Anderson Cooper worked for the CIA; doing comedy in big towns vs. small towns; Joe thinks The Daily Show was better than the real news; Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show; Craig Kilborn; writing comedy is a skill; Joe talks about working on NewsRadio; Rory talks about working on The Daily Show; Larry Wilmore; talk about working on The Nightly Show; Dave Chappelle will go on stage for five hours; Dave Chappelle will smoke cigarettes and weed wherever he wants; Joe and Rory talk about hanging out with Chappelle in Denver; comedy club talk; comedy communities in the ’80s; old comedy clubs feel more authentic; Rory is working on shooting a one-hour special; (1:00:00) Rory’s plan was to leave The Nightly Show to do stand-up; working for a network; you can work for yourself today; Seeso is part of NBC; Netflix uses one third of the internet’s bandwidth; Netflix has revolutionized media; Netflix makes almost a billion dollars per month; Netflix and comedy specials; Netflix’s Will Smith movie Bright; I Am Legend movie; After Earth movie; M. Night Shyamalan movies; The Happening movie; The Villiage movie; Devil movie; Sam Kinison talk; George Carlin talk; Bill Burr talk; Rory is doing a digital series; Joe almost had a talk show on Crackle; doing a podcast outside of a studio; Jackson Pollock talk; modern art; Joe gets accused of being alt-right; Rory is half Italian, half Jewish; Joe’s grandfather is Italian and converted to Judaism; Rory’s dad converted to Judaism; they have to poke your penis and draw blood to convert you to Judaism; Joe rants against circumcision again; Rory wore ladies underwear by accident and loved it; ankle socks; wearing socks and shorts; Eskimo or Inuit; Inuit had low incidents of cancer due to their diets; Joe explains (again) how the sugar industry shifted the blame to fat; Mexican food; food in New York; Indian food; Vietnamese food; cities with areas devoted to specific cultures; talk about Quebec, Canada; California has more people than all of Canada; video of a snake trying to eat another snake and then dying; Australia; spider killing a snake video; videos getting pulled off YouTube; YouTube’s live TV streaming service; people watch a billion hours of YouTube each day; New York doesn’t have legalized marijuana; legalized recreational marijuana in California; marijuana dispensaries get robbed; edible marijuana; what food Joe eats on the road; Joe eats junk food one day per week; Joe takes Total Gut Health with him on the road; Jimmy John Liautaud and hunting; Joe explains hunting and conservation; (2:00:00) there are over a million deer and vehicle collisions each year in the US; Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday documentary; there are more tigers in Texas than in the wild; scimitar oryx; the death of Antonin Scalia; Rory wants to hunt and eat something; slaughtering sheep in Australia; Joe thought about doing a hunting show but decided against it.

My Thoughts: Talk about comedy, food, politics, art, hunting, and weed.

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