The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 923 with Whitney Cummings

Episode Number: 923
Episode Guest: Whitney Cummings
Original Airdate: February 27, 2017
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Guest Bio: Whitney Cummings is a stand-up comedian and actress. She is best known as the creator and star of the NBC sitcom Whitney, as well as the co-creator of the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.

Topics Discussed: Onnit emulsified MCT oil looks like jizz; taking too much MCT oil will make you shit; getting a colonic; Catholic school girls; Whitney overheard a porn star in the gym talking about anal sex and her tight ass; “airtight“; girls who like anal sex; getting desensitized to porn; shaving pubic hair; kids today don’t know what pubic hair is; porn stars get vaginal plastic surgery; old porn stars/MILF porn; Whitney watches porn on Tumblr; lots of people masturbate watching other people have sex; masturbating by candlelight in the bathtub; taking a bath is gross; focus groups; stand-up comedy requires a live audience; more talk about MCT oil; what women masturbate to; Whitney doesn’t talk about sex with her friends; slapping the vagina in porn; gagging; ass-to-mouth; are people who do martial arts less violent during sex; martial arts is a release of aggression and tension; sitting is the new smoking; Whitney talks about her bra; bras keep breasts from sagging; Whitney forgot she was wearing a thong and took a pee while wearing one; hot girls hunting; hot Texas cheerleader who shot a lion; Joe explains high fence hunting; is watching women hunt sexy; strong, powerful women; a person as a brand; more talk about women hunting; hot women trying to get famous from hunting; Vice article on “thirst traps”; Joe follows hot girls on Instagram; Joe challenges his ego; Joe’s new dog Marshall; putting chimes on your doorknob is a good security system; Whitney talks about her rough past and how it affects her adult life; authority figures; babies exposed to stress in the womb; is it better to grow up with stress or grow up with an easy life; knowing when to fight for yourself; working towards obtaining objects; Fen-Phen; Adderall is an amphetamine; anxiety; Xanax(1:00:00) find fulfillment in your daily existence; Whitney talks about her Adderall experiences; Joe gets a lot of texts and his wife gets jealous; being on the phone around your kids; phone addiction is the new alcoholism; Whitney cries during spin class; talk about Colorado; athletes should train at sea level and live at altitude; SoulCycle in Aspen at 8,000 feet; injuries from yoga; CrossFit can be dangerous; desire to overachieve; Joe talks about his martial arts injuries; weightlifting injuries; taking Adderall to get work done; Australian “asskicker” coffee comes with health warning; Whitney was on five medications at one point; the Warren Beatty best picture mix-up at the Oscars; Joe hates awards for art; ribbons for award shows; watching people lose at award shows; Nicole Kidman was clapping weird at the Oscars; clapping; hyper mobility; Whitney needs to relearn how to walk; people think Whitney has had plastic surgery done; lasering your face; men get less lines on their faces because they shave; women want to make guys laugh; Whitney uses a dating app for celebrities; forms of aggression; Whitney tried to make a documentary about break dancing; Whitney was a judge on the Roast Battle show; talk about Olivia Grace; laughing at your pain; Whitney psychoanalyzes people; there’s no money in porn anymore; Whitney feels unsafe when around people who know her; shame from masturbation; guys who don’t masturbate; competition in comedy; Joe talks about his past insecurity; supporting and respecting other comedians; Whitney talks about getting hazed at The Comedy Store; Ari Shaffir hid her backpack; Ari has gone off the grid and turned off his phone after hanging out with Henry Rollins; Henry Rollins can’t relax and his assistant creates fake work to keep him busy; Ari’s Skeptic Tank podcast with Henry Rollins; Ari won’t use a smartphone anymore; putting down the phone and laptop; Dr. Pimple Popper’s Instagram; (they watch videos of pimples being popped); Whitney doesn’t eat pork; antibiotics in animals; komodo dragons and antibiotics for humans; Whitney has a horse; equine-assisted therapy(2:00:00) Whitney talks about being in therapy; perfectionism; Joe doesn’t like anything he does; Joe is bothered when he doesn’t do something right; Whitney wants to be perfect for the attention; Whitney talks about her dating life; feeling that you deserve someone better; Bonobo apes and incest; neanderthals and cro-magnons; what will a modern human look like; Porn Nation book; young men would rather masturbate than have sex; guys jerk off to anime porn; “Why Getting Off To Anime Porn Is Shorthand For Supporting Donald Trump” article; millennials watch a lot of anime/hentai porn; adult video-watching habits of millennials; talk about various porn subgenres; emo porn; Elliott Smith’s death; more porn genre talk; Whitney talks about working with Jenna Jameson; guys Whitney dates always know she’s a comedian; Sasha Grey; The Girlfriend Experience movie; hate that Ronda Rousey gets online; Donald Trump is a narcissist; Kanye West and Donald Trump; Trump wants to be loved; people are attracted to alpha males; Whitney talks about meeting Donald Trump at his roast; more talk about Trump; separation between the left and the right; “The Science of Right and Wrong” Scientific American article; people want the underdog to win; Trump’s press ban; more Trump talk; people won’t admit they were wrong for voting for Trump; a riot broke out in the crowd at one of Whitney’s stand-up shows after she talked about politics; 16 people were removed from the show and she finished her set; the country is in a psychological civil war; comedians say things other people won’t say; when people yell out “next subject” during a set; comedy can be triggering; a man got angry at Whitney for doing a bit about guys who keep a jar of coins; backhanded compliments; people are awkward; fans who think they’re your friend; fans trying to talk to you in public; you get exposed doing long podcasts; Joe’s wife listens to his podcast; talk about Ron White; being successful but hated by your peers; all comedians start from a fucked-up place; comedians are healers; being healthy and funny; Whitney’s perfectionism; guys spitting in girls’ mouths during sex; guys think a woman spitting in their face is the most disrespectful thing; physical disrespect; claiming your space; rescue dogs; aggressive and possessive dogs; Joe’s new puppy wants to bite his face; people aren’t good at training their dogs; dogs and discipline; dogs and children; more dog talk; (3:00:00) punishing a dog; Sapiens book; humans are only superficially at the top of the food chain; history of the bow and arrow; the current epidemic of fear; it’s the safest humans have ever been but we’re also more scared than ever; we’re evolving into something more vulnerable; video games and eye-hand coordination; “In the NBA’s eSports league, diversity means a new kind of athlete” article; playing sports on your phone; talk about writing a book; all comics want to not do stand-up full time.

My Thoughts: No Trump talk during the first 2.5 hours, which was nice. Lots of talk about comedy, sex, porn, masturbation, drugs, dogs, and other random topics.

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