The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 918 with Frank Castillo

Episode Number: 918
Episode Guest: Frank Castillo
Original Airdate: February 17, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Blue Apron, Rocket Mortgage, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Frank Castillo is a stand-up comedian and champion of Roast Battle 2 on Comedy Central. He also co-hosts the Verbal Violence podcast available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Rain in California; Joe finds Frank’s Instagram inspirational; Roast Battle comedy show and TV show; The Comedy Store over time; Ron White; supporting comedy clubs; Roast Battle talk; starting comedy in Los Angeles; doing multiple sets per night; watching people succeed is motivating; doing short sets; comics treat their peers equally; everyone starts as a beginner; be nice to everyone; today is the best time for comedy fans; feeling pressure now; The Comedy Store employees are comics; Roast Battle joke styles; talk about preparing and writing for Roast Battle; Roast Battle compared to a regular comedy set; The War of Art book; taking advantage of newfound popularity; The Comedy Store is like comedy college; talk about Trump and his lies; Trump is unraveling; smoking blunts (weed with tobacco); Frank’s mom found his weed; Frank’s mom smokes tons of weed; Trump caught lying video; Frank’s joke about Barron; attacking Trump’s kid Barron; talk about how Trump is doing as president; more talk about Trump; the drive to work hard; Trump wants to be loved but being president is bad for that; Bush’s “mission accomplished” speech; Trump as president doesn’t feel real; it feels like we’re in a simulation; people are happy Trump is causing chaos; the presidency is an impossible job; Joe thinks multiple people should run the country; we need to come up with a better system; deporting illegal immigrants; the wall won’t really get built; borders will go away eventually; California was once part of Mexico; people want to be part of teams; we need disasters to appreciate one another; near-earth objects heading towards earth; how the earth moves video(1:00:00) Jupiter asteroid impact video; talk about the moon and earth; synchronous rotation; synchronous rotation of the moon video; picking out a booger; Joe talks about his giant boogers after his nose surgery; picture of Joe’s boogers; Shannon Briggs; more talk about asteroid impacts; you don’t want to survive an asteroid impact; asteroid passed by the earth in January; would Trump tell us if the world was going to get hit by an asteroid; Joe talks about staring at the moon while stoned; virtual reality and the HTC Vive; India launches 104 satellites from a single rocket; Japan launching “space junk” collector; Joe wouldn’t want to go to space; Gravity movie; people aren’t happy with Trump; people are babies; picking teams; ending tweets with “Sad.”; the moon could have formed from earth; comparing Trump to Hitler; Hitler’s mustache; white men can’t write about anything other than white men; people get better at life; a future without borders; people are more aware of how similar we are; hard conversations are important; Foxconn suicides; creation of the Egyptian pyramids; cell phones; looking into the universe is like looking into a time machine; life is like a science fiction movie; more talk about the Egyptian pyramids; Frank can’t speak Spanish; (the studio roof starts to leak due to rain); (Jamie goes to investigate the leak); talk about houses in California sliding down hills due to rain; lava in the earth; drilling and lava; engagement rings; diamonds aren’t rare; Jewish people; Jewish Nobel Prize winners; finding diamond and gold dust on New York City streets; living in New York City; New York City parking elevators; Joe talks about doing comedy in New York; Frank can now pay his bills doing stand-up; working hard; how Frank feels about the future; talk about Tony Hinchcliffe; watching comics succeed at The Comedy Store; Brian Moses talk; Joe used to open for Richard Pryor; Joe thinks Pryor is the best comedian ever (2:00:00) Pryor talk; talk about Pee-Wee Herman masturbating in a movie theater; what if people having sex was an art form; Salon Erotico de Barcelona; virtual reality porn; Frank’s taking his girlfriend to Hawaii; Joe talks about Hawaii; homes built on Hawaii lava flows; Hawaii is a magical land; nature is powerful; talk about lava; lava fountains; cooking steak with lava; Frank talks about cooking; Jiu Jitsu talk; @viralbjj on Instagram; Muay Thai; martial arts; Chris Weidman vs. Yoel Romero talk; Georges St-Pierre’s UFC return; Joe talks about GSP and says he is the greatest welterweight of all time; Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Conor McGregor talk; what if McGregor kicks Floyd or takes him down during their boxing match; Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki; “Judo” Gene LeBell; pro-wrestling talk; Tony Hinchcliffe almost took a job with the WWE as a writer; pro-wrestling training; pro-wrestling is hard on the body; The Wrestler movie; movies that make you cry; Bruce Willis talk; M. Night Shyamalan movies; Avatar movie; white people have dominated sci-fi movies; black people die in sci-fi movies; black people in the Star Trek universe; Ender’s Game book; Ben Kingsley; Sexy Beast movie; Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie.

My Thoughts: Talk about comedy, Trump, the universe, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and movies.

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