The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 917 with Steven Crowder

Episode Number: 917
Episode Guest: Steven Crowder
Original Airdate: February 15, 2017
Episode Sponsors: LegalZoom,, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Steven Crowder is an actor, comedian, and former contributor for the Fox News Channel. He currently runs his own website and also a podcast called Louder With Crowder.

Topics Discussed: Moby says he has info on Trump and Russia; Steven explains smoking a pipe to Joe; people are afraid to speak out now; Steven talks about working for Fox; words you can’t say anymore; there are more captive tigers in Texas than in the wild; mountain lions; animals that ignore pain; talk about dogs; Steven thinks if the election was today Trump would win by a landslide; Los Angeles is in a bubble; longing for nostalgia; not all people who voted for Trump are racists; Los Angeles women’s march; Steven thinks the left is more violent than the right; Hillary was against gay marriage; people think Joe is a meathead; people are stifling communication; (Joe requests that Jamie break out the Gentleman Jack whisky); talk about PizzaGate; talk about Alex Jones; Sandy Hook school shooting; black Twitter; Germaine de Randamie vs. Holly Holm fight discussion; Guy Mezger talk; Steven talks about a fight Guy Mezger got into in a parking lot; Renato “Babalu” Sobral; wrestlers; Mackenzie Dern; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu talk; Mackenzie Dern submission video; Steven’s dad does BJJ; Wild Turkey bourbon; RumChata; Gary Johnson didn’t know what Aleppo is(1:00:00) there are too many people in Los Angeles; New York after 9/11; there are no artists in New York anymore because it’s too expensive; debate about Toyota Prius gas mileage; Steven thinks the best thing to do for the environment is to buy a used car; radioactive diamond batteries; cities and politicians banning Uber and Airbnb; Bernie Sanders’ problems with Uber; Uber drivers say they make less than minimum wage; more talk about problems with Uber and Uber vs. taxis; right-to-work law; labor unions; prison guard unions are trying to keep marijuana illegal; unions; health care insurance; what a job is worth; country music; Avatar movies; talk about Kid Rock; when you have enough money you don’t worry about money; the technological revolution; appreciating cars; 1969 Mustang; Steven bought a Ford Taurus from a millionaire; Henry Rollins drives a Mazda 6; Joe talks about not having to worry about money; Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes; leftism; idealogues; not everyone is dealt the same hand of cards; Joe is friends with Donald Trump, Jr.; Joe is generous and values friends; Steven tore his knees; steel cups in MMA and BJJ; Diamond MMA cups; generosity makes you feel better; Who Really Cares book; doing charitable things; pipe tobacco (2:00:00) yoga instructors; Steven Crowder vs. Christopher Titus gun debate; Michael Ian Black tweets about Steven; you should be allowed to talk about things even if you’re a white male; Joe isn’t married to his ideas; Steven talks about his issues with marijuana and Joe debates him; pharmaceutical companies are fighting legalized marijuana; Colorado topped $1 billion in marijuana sales in 2016; marijuana and driving; highway fatalities at an all-time low in Colorado since weed legalization; inflammation; debate about health benefits of marijuana; Detroit urban farming; you can’t stop change; wild stray dogs in Detroit; black bears in Detroit; talk about bears; bears in Yellowstone; MeatEater podcast with a bear biologist; rescue dogs and kids; speciesism; Joe tells the story about a bear attacking hunters in their tents; The Revenant movie talk; Steven tells a story about a guy puking in a movie theater; Stand By Me pie-eating contest puke scene; debunking The Revenant; tooth decay; Amazon reviews of Haribo sugar-free gummy bears; Olestra and diarrhea; trans fats will be banned; sugar industry shifted the blame to fat; talk about sugary cereals in Canada compared to the United States; Steven talks about doing Adam Corolla’s podcast; radio is dying; Steven talks about a pastor from his youth who beat someone up; Amy Schumer said Steven wasn’t a comedian; Steven talks about doing stand-up in his early 20s; shitty New York apartments; squatting while shitting; Joe has a Squatty Potty; squat toilets; political correctness and Donald Trump; talk about past presidents; Joe explains “Freeway” Rick Ross to Steven; Michael Shermer and Collapse documentary; Ronald Reagan talk; Jamie calls out Steven’s bullshit reporting on marijuana on his website; Joe and Steven begin to argue (3:00:00) more arguing about driving, marijuana, alcohol, and testing; Steven is skeptical about any medicinal benefits of marijuana; states with medical marijuana have lower traffic fatalities; Joe says he’s spreading propaganda about marijuana; talk about vaccines and polio; more arguing; marijuana kills cancer cells; more arguing back and forth; Joe says Steven has blinders on and is ignoring evidence; Steven thinks Joe is bullying him; more arguing; more arguing about pot and traffic fatalities; arguing about arguing; Steven keeps saying he doesn’t care about pot; marijuana and developing brains; talk about addictions; kids/teens and drugs/alcohol; GHB; GT kombucha tea; making kombucha; making kefir; marijuana and paranoia; gene testing and depression; Steven’s ADHD medication; kids shouldn’t be on ADHD medication like Ritalin; the education system; Wild at Heart book; boys and girls in school; Steven’s going to home-school his kids; home schooling talk; teaching and social justice warriors; Steven talks about arguing with a teacher as a kid; Canada, Native Americans, and hunting; Chael Sonnen’s book The Voice of Reason; misconceptions about the Native Americans; our diseases killed Native Americans; SARS; Steven talks about his show; criticisms of Trump; fascism; communism; defining things with a single word; Toronto protests Ann Coulter; Canadian comic ordered to pay $15,000 to lesbian heckler(4:00:00) politics in Quebec and Canada; PMRC; intolerance of progressive left; University of Missouri professor resigns after “safe space” confrontation.

My Thoughts: This one was a chore to get through at over four hours in length. The big 25-minute marijuana argument begins just before the three-hour mark, so that’s probably a good place to start.

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