The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 913 with Christopher Ryan

Episode Number: 913
Episode Guest: Christopher Ryan
Original Airdate: February 7, 2017
Episode Sponsors:, Dollar Shave Club, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Christopher Ryan, Ph.D. is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller Sex At Dawn, and also host of his own podcast Tangentially Speaking.

Topics Discussed: Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo podcast talk; Joe defends Alex Jones; humanity is embedded in the super organism that is technology; massive Antarctic crack; Fukushima nuclear disaster talk; diamond batteries made from nuclear waste; Rats documentary; mass extinction events; extinctions during human era worse than thought; our accelerated existence; uncontacted Amazon tribe photographed; At Play in the Fields of the Lord book and movie; Chris is back in Los Angeles; a piece of metal landed in Lake Michigan; the threat of impacts from space; guy zooms in on moon video; solar flares; determining human use of fire in the past; Joe likes how Chris lives a life without stress; Chris talks about recording podcasts; podcasts are the best conversations; Chris wants to travel the country recording podcasts; Doug Stanhope’s cliffhanger podcasts; processing grief; North Koreans were punished if they didn’t cry hard enough after the death of Kim Jong Il; Koreans crying video; we’re lucky to be born in America; how Megyn Kelly dresses on TV; Chris calls Joe the Martha Stewart of men; how Joe balances all the stuff he does; hot showers; Joe talks about appreciating life after going on a difficult hunting trip in Alaska; Joe needs struggle to appreciate life; Bill Burr talk; marijuana edibles; Chris talks about a guy who took too many edibles; Terence McKenna would take mushrooms with marijuana; Chris talks about taking acid; LSD was once legal so doctors could understand crazy people; salvia talk; Ari Shaffir salvia video; Chris talks about doing DMT in Mexico; (1:00:00) Joe talks about doing 5-MeO-DMT with Doug Stanhope; N,N-DMT; Joe explains the types of DMT; The Sunshine Makers documentary; will doing acid make you insane; mental illness talk; people who get addicted to each other; people need to be loved and touched; Chris tells a story about his dad losing his dog and then bringing home the wrong one; we project our need for love on whoever will take it; people who have pets because they have no one who loves them; a pig got stuck in a cow after eating it; killing pigs; wild pigs are a big problem; talk about wild boars; every state will have a wild pig problem; The Vegetarian Myth book; there’s no way to not kill things, even when you’re vegetarian; talk about hunting tag lotteries; The Omnivore’s Dilemma book; lab-created meat; trans fats are banned in the United States; Silent Spring book; graham crackers and Corn Flakes were created to stop people from jerking off; salsa dancing; senses work on change; Chris talks about a jealous cat who walked in on him having sex, then pissed on his stuff; Chris talks about how he fucked a cat with a pencil; talk about cats and building a world for them; “9 1/2 Lives” animated video of Chris’s cat/pencil story; Joe knew a guy who would jerk off his dog; Hotdoll, the sex doll for dogs; woman who was jerking off dolphins; the military was training dolphins to be suicide bombers; the lead singer of AC/DC is deaf now; concerts and noise; the Salton Sea; Salvation Mountain; Kristin Stewart; Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live; SNL skit talk; Sacha Baron Cohen; Ali G. interviews Ralph Nader video; Ali G. interviews Donald Trump video; religious comics; The Aristocrats movie; people who don’t like talking about their work; Joe compartmentalizing his life/jobs; Chris started to watch UFC; Joe talks about working for the UFC; staph infection(2:00:00) don’t use antibacterial soap; Caesarean sections; hyenas; Chris went on safari in Africa and talks about it; eating raw garlic; Joe was sick and thought he was going to shit his pants on stage; there’s a new MMA rule where if you shit your shorts, the fight gets stopped; Michael Chiesa told Joe he was going to shit his shorts during a fight; getting nervous and needing to shit; bears shitting during fights; Chris talks about meeting Wim Hof; Wim Hof doesn’t exercise; Joe talks about running a marathon; Born to Run book; Skinners shoes/socks; dogs fucking stuffed animals; average age of death in the past and how people died; human lifespans nearly constant for 2,000 years; wage gap myth; misconceptions about average life spans; infanticide in the past; tribes killing off their elders; China’s baby hatches; foundling hospitals; angel makers; abortion talk; when is it okay to get an abortion; when does life start; more abortion talk; men who make women get plastic surgery; men who make women get fat; Chris thinks kinks are a response to a fucked up environment; hunter/gatherers aren’t into kinky shit; Chris talks about Wade Davis; Wade made a knife out of his own shit and killed a dog with it.

My Thoughts: I like Chris. Nothing too serious or heavy (until the abortion talk). They cover a wide range of topics and bounce all over the place.

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