The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 907 with Mike Baker

Episode Number: 907
Episode Guest: Mike Baker
Original Airdate: January 27, 2017
Episode Sponsors:, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Mike Baker is a former CIA covert operations officer. Currently he is the president of Diligence LLC, a global intelligence and security firm.

Topics Discussed: Weather in Idaho; skiing and hunting; snowshoes; Idaho talk; US selling off public lands; Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation; why hunting is conservation; coffee talk; Mike’s kids are doing Tae Kwon Do; all kids are unique; Joe lets his kids hit him as hard as they can; Trump vs. the intelligence community; talk about Russian intelligence and propaganda in the past; Russians were meddling in the recent US election; the goal of Russians is to chip away at public trust in democracy; Mike is happy Hillary didn’t win, but not thrilled that Trump is president; Mike talks about what he doesn’t like about Hillary; the US needs to be at the top of the heap; there are bad countries out there with significant military power; the US tries to do things for the right reasons; human beings are flawed; Mike thinks there should be mandatory military service; FBI and CIA disagreement about DNC hacks; motivation of the Russians; there was no hack, there was an information leak; Bernie Sanders talk; DNC primaries were rigged; Homeland TV show; Japanese freak show MMA fights; people tried to hack the RNC; Putin didn’t necessarily want Trump to win; Hillary’s email server; has a secret service agent ever fucked the First Lady; Secret Service agent says she would rather go to jail than take a bullet for Trump; Bill Clinton caught staring at Ivanka Trump video; Bill would have been awesome as First Gentleman; Clinton used to pull his dick out; John F. Kennedy talk; (1:00:00) no one is qualified to be the president; Obama did a pretty good job; Dakota Access Pipeline talk; Chelsea Manning to be released; how mentally damaging is it to be in solitary confinement; Chelsea Manning talks about what being imprisoned is like; why wasn’t Edward Snowden pardoned; what Mike thinks of Edward Snowden; the balance of security and public freedom; conspiracy theorists think everything is a false flag; Idaho/local politics; Russian Donald Trump dossier; who is into getting pissed on; Mike talks about overhearing people talk about politics; Trump being president isn’t the worst thing to happen to our country; people stick to their teams; what’s going on in Israel and the Middle East; US and Russia would never fight ISIS together; weird alliances; countries with no real governments; Libya; more talk about international conflict; domestic terrorism; anyone who says anything critical about Islam gets called an Islamaphobe; the Middle East has always been a mess; the US has to continue to act in its own best interest; problems with China; Pakistan and nuclear weapons; Mike is worried about Iran; Joe likes Persian women; Trump wants to put “America first”; people say Trump is racist because he’s white; Hillary gets a pass about certain things because she’s a woman; how should we respond to cyber terror attacks on the US; diplomacy is very important; you have a duty once the president gets in to help the country do well; could Trump become a good president; Trump needs to rebuild the infrastructure; why do people want Trump to fail; we’re all on the same side and we should want Trump to do well; (2:00:00) Trump drives people crazy; Trump is very persuasive; Joe talks about Scott Adams again; Dick Cheney was really hiding in a bunker; story about a guy with a gun who got on an elevator with the president; Secret Service is a thankless job; should we be concerned about Putin and Russia; our interests aren’t the same as Russia’s; we tend to mirror our values on other people; Putin will do whatever he can to build Russia back up; KGB; Nancy Reagan and astrology; Trump and Syrian Christian refugees; Jim Bakker’s buckets of food videoBill Clinton caught staring at Ivanka Trump video.

My Thoughts: Two hours of talk about Trump and politics.

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