The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 906 with Henry Rollins

Episode Number: 906
Episode Guest: Henry Rollins
Original Airdate: January 26, 2017
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Guest Bio: Henry Rollins is a musician, actor, writer, television and radio host, and comedian. He hosts a weekly radio show on KCRW, and is a regular columnist for LA Weekly and Rolling Stone Australia.

Topics Discussed: How Henry met Ari Shaffir; Henry travels the world and has been to 100 countries; Henry met with rebels in Mongolia; Henry was almost stabbed to death and almost shot in America and it changed his life; Henry randomly picks places to go on a world map he keeps on his phone; Henry traveled a lot as a child and visited many sites and museums; Pyramids of Giza; John Anthony West talk; visiting Africa; he booked a trip to England to hang out with Black Sabbath; he’s been to Africa over 20 times; Africans don’t understand vacations or life insurance; David Lee Roth inspired Henry to travel; David Lee Roth lives in Japan and practices martial arts; he doesn’t miss touring as a musician; why he stopped music; old bands still touring; getting into acting; Henry just says “yes” to doing things; Henry doesn’t sleep much; exercising and eating healthy; listening to records and doing push-ups; The Iron article by Henry; Beavis and Butthead video about Henry; weightlifting and exercise talk; yoga talk; reducing obligations and finding things you’re passionate about; Henry likes to think of something to do and then do it; Henry’s writing; Henry went to North Korea; visiting Tehran; being told to not tell anyone what he does; he visits places that are politically “hot”; he went on a boat with scientists off Easter Island; he went to Antarctica; people always tell Henry to go on Joe’s podcast (1:00:00) when did Joe decide to not live a “normal” life; Henry likes learning but hates school; Joe talks about getting into stand-up comedy; Joe just does what he likes; it takes guts to live a normal life and do the same thing each day; a “flatline existence” would have ruined Henry; he never thought he would make money doing music; Henry talks about starting to do spoken word shows; how his shows connect with the comedy world; Trump is a goldmine of humor, but what he’s doing is frightening; parks and nature; public lands are important; Trump is a deal maker; Henry loves libraries; New Yorkers; women’s march; what motivates Trump and why is he angry; rich people can be humble, others are never satisfied; the presidency is a grueling job; talk about past presidents; Americans are very free; how America has changed over the years; to make America great again, Trump wants to turn back the clock to the 1800s; it’s a miracle there hasn’t been another civil war in the US; poverty in America is unlike other countries; Henry went to a music festival in the desert; humans can live in spite of their circumstances; we can be there for each other; communicating online; the thirteenth amendment; Henry is careful about what he says; Ann Coulter; In Trump We Trust book; Milo Yiannopoulos talk; Milo’s Dangerous book; Henry likes to read and wants to learn about the people who run the country; Henry likes to listen to people and hear their perspectives; climate change talk; Dakota Access Pipeline; Henry doesn’t want to meet any politicians because they’re all the same; don’t try to change the world, change your street; great things get done in times of conflict; mental toughness; writing material for his shows; how he chooses what to talk about; length of his shows; not every show is the same; what kind of stories he tells; Henry is good friends with RuPaul(2:00:00) Henry talks about doing errands with RuPaul and people thinking they were a couple; opening acts; regional content rules; Henry doesn’t get lonely on the road; Henry will go anywhere at any time; he feels like a wimp and a failure when he’s at home; he doesn’t do drugs or drink; Henry talks about his handful of experiences with drugs and alcohol; he only drinks one cup of coffee per day; what fuels Henry to write; he is working on multiple books at a time; anger powers Henry and he wants to prove people wrong; he is constantly working and never vacations; Henry wants to burn bright; Henry was on Ritalin as a kid and was part of the test group for the drug; he went off Ritalin in high school; he was kicked out of a few schools as a kid; Henry has ADHD; Joe thinks he had ADHD as a kid; he got kicked out of a research group as a child; did weightlifting do for him what the Ritalin did; the feeling of achievement from weightlifting; he had three jobs during the summer as a kid; he loves finishing projects so he can start new ones; he has a list of every live show he’s done, record he’s participated in, movie/TV show he’s been in, etc.; Joe feels motivated by talking to Henry; he feels like there’s never enough time; he has assistants to help him; being thankful; Henry spends money on records, plane tickets, and camera lenses; he flies economy class; he respects his money because of how hard he has worked; his speakers are Wilson Alexandria XLF; he only misses his music on the road; he writes down the records he listens to; he goes to concerts still but has no desire to perform; what he does on the weekends; why he’s not in a relationship; he turns his phone off on weekends, except for calls from his best friend Ian MacKaye; he likes people but doesn’t want to hang out with them; he walks by the homes of his friends, sees them, but won’t talk to them; he gets told to not tour so much; he wishes he could constantly tour; he’s uncomfortable with applause and wants to leave his shows ASAP.

My Thoughts: Henry is chatty! Lots of talk about Henry’s travels and politics in the US and around the world. He’s a different guy but I can understand where he’s coming from, though Joe seems blown away by his life and views.

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