The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 903 with Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban

Episode Number: 903
Episode Guest: Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban
Original Airdate: January 24, 2017
Episode Sponsors: LegalZoom, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Joe sat down with Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban to do a podcast live from The Comedy Store basement.

Topics Discussed: Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast streaming devices; over-the-air antennas and channels; cockfights; dog fights; hearing a rooster in the morning; Joe talks about his chickens and their eggs; sugar industry shifted blame to fat; not all fat is bad; trans fats will become illegal; carbs; Americans are fat; foods with trans fats; vegan food; Tony talks about being a vegan and why he stopped; deer meat; New Zealand and its wildlife; Haast’s eagle; wild boar meat; wild game laws and animal populations in the past; high fence operations; corn-fed beef; Anthony Bourdain talk; Joe talks about doing comedy at The Store; theaters vs. clubs; comedians need comedy clubs; comparing comedy clubs; Houston’s comedy scene; Austin’s comedy scene; Philips Hue color-changing blubs; police interrogations; Tony talks about being stuck on a plane; hurricanes and tornadoes; Twister movie; 2011 Joplin, Missouri tornado; $250 million home for sale in Bel Air; richest men in the world; the Sultan of Brunei and hookers; Sultan of Brunei’s golden throne; Sultan of Brunei’s car collection; Jay Leno’s car collection; (1:00:00) Jay Leno’s Garage show; more talk about Jay’s cars; corporate comedy gigs; don’t make an enemy out of rich guys; what does the Sultan of Brunei do for fun and what does he eat; religious rules about eating meat; Trump moving US embassy to Jerusalem; dumb names for countries; Sacha Baron Cohen movies; Jackass movies talk; Jackass longest nails beer luge video; Andy Dick talk; alcohol and addiction; caffeine; strength of California weed; taking a break from marijuana; getting high before going on stage; weed affects people differently; Snoop Dogg inspired Tony to smoke more weed; Tony talks about hanging out with Snoop; Snoop’s cooking show with Martha Stewart, Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party; people living in storage units; aggressive homeless people in San Francisco; recent women’s march and Trump protests; Joe voted for Gary Johnson and Redban didn’t vote; how many women voted for Trump; Trump doesn’t want anyone to hate him; time lapse of Trump’s inauguration video; talk about Trump’s inauguration crowd size; Baghdad Bob; Trump quoted Bane in speech; Snopes co-founder married a hooker; chart of news sources and their biases; Russia Today; talk about how biased news sources are; Keith Olbermann talk; (2:00:00) Brian is sick of hearing about politics; people will always complain; comparing Bill Clinton’s affairs to Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” audio; (people keep trying to get in the podcast studio); people want to go where they’re not supposed to go; Tony doesn’t like people who network; House of Cards Netflix show; Tony talks about writer rooms; comedy writing teams; comedy writers can’t practice; talk about writing; Joe worked with a guy who wore bowling shoes; working out comedy bits; Stephen King’s books and movies; It movie remake; Tim Curry had a stroke; Richard Dawkins had a stroke; the brain is like a circuit board; The Tim Conway Jr. Show; movies Joe has shown his kids; new Star Wars movies; more talk about recent movies; M. Night Shyamalan movies;  Don’t Breathe movie; The Girl With All The Gifts movie; more talk about Trump and his cabinet picks; Dakota Access Pipeline; fracking; potential oil and gas drilling on federal land.

My Thoughts: Talk about hunting and meat. The Sultan of Brunei. Comedy. Lots of Trump/political talk. Writing. Movies.

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