The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 902 with Jeff Ross, Greg Fitzsimmons, and Andrew Santino

Episode Number: 902
Episode Guest: Jeff Ross, Greg Fitzsimmons, and Andrew Santino
Original Airdate: January 19, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Winc,, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Joe sits down with Jeff Ross, Greg Fitzsimmons, and Andrew Santino in the basement of The Comedy Store.

Topics Discussed: Roast Battle TV show; Bruce Lee ping pong video; deaths of Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee; is there too much video content today; more Roast Battle talk; Jeff shaved his eyebrows off; (Greg walks in); talk about Greg’s set; doing old bits; yelling at your kids; Joe’s kids aren’t afraid of him; Joe’s kids practice martial arts on him; Jeff has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do; talk about martial arts; talk about fooling around with another man; will Jeff ever battle on Roast Battle; Jeff roasted Trump; Jeff has a good life but wants to settle down and have kids; Rosie O’Donnell thinks Trump’s kid is autistic; radiation; probiotics; fecal transplants; Trump inauguration; (Andrew walks in); Jimmy Carter; religion; war; sports fans fighting; people are tribal; more talk about Trump becoming president; news outlets are biased; how the president deals with the media; who Trump is meeting with; Obama’s half-brother; Trump is a birther; Trump won’t release his tax returns; the presidency is a popularity contest; what will Trump do as president; no (good) musicians wanted to play Trump’s inauguration; Trump said Kanye West isn’t American enough to play his inauguration; Ted Nugent grabs his dick at Trump rally video(1:00:00) Trump won the popularity contest to become president; more Trump talk; will something terrible happen; Bernie Sanders talk; can anyone handle the responsibility of being president; more Trump talk; what’s the ideal way to run a nation; Hillary was the lesser of two evils; talk about the live presidential podcast they did; Doug Stanhope talk; Arizona and Mexican immigrants; borders are imaginary lines; how do you stop racism; we accept companies using slave labor because it happens in other countries; Moore’s law; progress is happening too fast; Uber replacing taxis and car ownership; Joe talks about witnessing car accidents on the highway; more talk about car accidents; Greg would fall asleep while driving; Greg talks about seeing a car accident; motorcycle accidents; Greg found an old movie script of Pauly Shore’s; more Roast Battle talk; roast jokes; comedy fans don’t have to agree with what a comedian is saying; more Roast Battle talk; Andrew’s upcoming special and writing new material; Andrew can do a Trump impression; Jeff does a Bernie Sanders impression; more Bernie talk; would Bernie have beaten Trump; Trump mocking reporter with disability.

My Thoughts: Too much Donald Trump and political talk for me, but still entertaining. Nice short two-hour podcast.

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