The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 897 with Hunter Maats

Episode Number: 897
Episode Guest: Hunter Maats
Original Airdate: January 10, 2017
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Guest Bio: Hunter Maats is the co-author of The Straight-A Conspriacy and also co-host of The Bryan Callen Show podcast available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: What it’s like doing a podcast with Bryan Callen; talk about Bryan and his personality; The Secret of Our Success book; Hunter lived in England and says words differently; people and tribes; Hunter and Bryan grew up together and their dads knew each other; people are the same but different; uncontacted Amazon tribe photographed; The World Until Yesterday book; paranoia is a tool; how the elderly are treated; Dunbar’s number; friends and tribes; small towns; Grooming, Gossip, and the Evolution of Language book; language is how we groom each other; gossiping; teasing; power corrupts; are federal taxes legal; Women’s march on Washington and white privilege; gender pronouns; language simplifies over time; Communism; capitalism isn’t evil; the issues with corporations; fundamentalists; Left Behind movies; the banana is an atheist nightmare video; toddlers killing people with guns accidentally; owner married an prostitute; Trump has caused asshole behavior; Eastern European women; optimism; actors in Los Angeles; pessimism; substance abuse; Russia talk; NATO; dictators; psychology and threats (1:00:00) Marxism in universities; are humans hypocrites; Meryl Streep insults mixed martial arts at the Golden Globes; Ricki and the Flash movie; sports can be art; liberals want to care and protect people; how caring leads to Marxism; confront people with science; talk about David Reimer who was castrated and raised as a girl; gender is genetic; reality denial leads to tragedy; intersex; more gender talk; humans need accountability; humans blindly copy what they see; Thomas Sowell talk; black people were robbed of their culture; how black culture and redneck culture connect; black English/ebonics comes from western England; Black Rednecks and White Liberals book; Booker T. Washington; there is no culture suited to the world we live in; The Lost City of Z book; An American Tail movie; how herding culture created black culture; Hillybilly Elegy book; talk about the state of Maine; we imitate our atmosphere; black immigrants hate American black “ghetto” culture; Hmong people; borders and imaginary lines; Culture of Honor book; The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace book; can you be racist towards white people; more talk about southern culture; crime of passion law; different types of homicide; people need to understand their cultural baggage; honor in black and southern culture; pride; Russia claims to have compromising information on Trump; journalistic integrity; (2:00:00) Don Lemon and “check yourself”; Trump, prostitutes, and golden showers; more Trump and Russia talk; cultures gain and lose success; narco-capitalism; self-defeating beliefs; learning multiple languages; why Hunter moved to Los Angeles; a singular focus leads to greatness; atomism and holism; blind men and an elephant; feminism has become its own tribe; humans aren’t rational; scientists won’t let their theories die; behavioral economics; Richard Dawkins; The Selfish Gene book; Jeffery Skilling; how companies like Enron and Pixar are run; academic debates; human hardware isn’t changing but human software is changing; David Sloan Wilson; Hunter talks about his The Straight-A Conspriacy book; feeling stupid is a feeling of shame, which is why students avoid certain subjects; the link between thinking and feeling; (3:00:00) religion; The Better Angels of Our Nature book; more talk about Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins; Hunter talks about teaching religious students; Diffusion of Innovations book; more talk about Sam Harris and religion; Martin Luther; academics need to go outside their lanes; The Happiness Hypothesis book; more religion, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins talk; fixing Islam; ideas; culture; embrace and analyze your mistakes.

My Thoughts: This guy really loves to talk. Pretty dull to me. I didn’t even know what to take notes on for some of his long, meandering tangents. I did link to all the books that he mentions, though. That’s something.

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