The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 896 with Jamie Vernon

Episode Number: 896
Episode Guest: Jamie Vernon
Original Airdate: January 10, 2017
Episode Sponsors:, LegalZoom, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Joe chats with Young Jamie about his recent trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to see what’s coming out this year.

Topics Discussed: Razer three-screen laptop stolen at CES; House of Cards Netflix show; traditional television and DVRs; Lost TV show; more talk about TV shows; everyone’s experience with TV is different; radio DJs in the past; Michael Jackson talk; fame; population talk; tiny Hong Kong apartments; Black Mirror TV show; sending messages through the brain; batteries made from nuclear waste; cremation diamonds made from ashes; seeing a dead body prepared for burial; dead Puerto Rican man posed playing dominos; guy who beat Bernard Hopkins is back working construction; more Bernard Hopkins and boxing talk; decline of boxers; fighters retiring while on top; Floyd Mayweather, Jr. talk; Chris Brown is going to box Soulja Boy; celebrity boxing matches; Jamie talks about a projector he saw; flat TVs at CES; curved monitors and TVs; laptops; tiny phones; Apple’s click wheel iPhone prototype; how can cell phones evolve; virtual reality and augmented reality CES talk; (1:00:00) DJI buying Hasselblad; camera talk; Twilight Zone helicopter crash; high-end cameras for the consumer market; fitness trackers; cell phone voice quality; iPhone talk; 4K video compared to HD; 360 degree cameras; the future of video will be indistinguishable from reality; movies and TV in 8K 360 degree virtual reality 3D; Pandora: The World of Avatar theme park; replicating the feeling of virtual worlds; Tanvas lets you feel fabric through a touchscreen; HTC Vive talk; VR games and exercise; VR and haptic feedback; James Bond and other action stars never die in their movies; No Country for Old Men movie; Trump and Schwarzenegger’s Twitter feud; monkey DNA and reward systems (again); preferring to live in a virtual world; what happens to astronauts’ bodies in space; colonizing Mars and genetics; Interstellar movie; Arrival movie; movie theaters; streaming movies and piracy; cars at CES; DARPA says what’s coming in 2017 will blow minds; robotic soldiers; robot assistants; Jamie was most impressed by a 360 degree camera at CES; self-driving cars at CES; massage chairs at CES; difficulty of hiking; Joe complains about his podcasting equipment; Joe talks about how powerful cars are today; 3D printed car at CES; how much better can cars get; Faraday Future car; more car talk; (2:00:00) The Lego Movie; technology and education; video chat; talk about Apple and its fanboys; people who are loyal to brands; Jamie’s illness; marijuana in Las Vegas; DJs in Las Vegas; alcohol in Las Vegas; drugs in Vegas; smoking weed at a concert; edibles aren’t comparable to booze; finding inspiration at a concert; taking a chance on your dreams; Huawei Mate 9 phone; professional video gaming; gaming chairs; Jamie talks about cameras; Icaros; Frog Fitness.

My Thoughts: You’ll probably want to watch this if you’re interested in technology. Jamie shows a lot of videos that explain what they’re talking about better than I ever could since Jamie often doesn’t mention any brands or models of the things he’s talking about. That being said, there’s not a whole lot of conversation about CES and technology. Lots of boxing talk and car talk towards the end along with talk about Las Vegas and drugs.

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