The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 892 with Greg Fitzsimmons

Episode Number: 892
Episode Guest: Greg Fitzsimmons
Original Airdate: December 28, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit

Guest Bio: Greg Fitzsimmons is a writer and stand-up comedian. He also hosts his own podcast FitzDog Radio available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Greg sounds like a woman; why do men like technology more than women; gender pay gap myth; losing your virginity; Joe had sex before he masturbated; boys compared to girls; Ron White talk; mold issues in the home; Greg tells a story about doing the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show; Jayson Williams shot his limo driver; hypothetical situations killing someone; car hits moose video; moose talk; bear talk; elk meat; cooking turkey; factory farming; chicken farming; sushi fish; Trump’s Taiwan phone call; Israel and Palestine; fake news; lakes; driving in bad weather; snow in Boston; salt wars; how the sugar industry shifted the blame to fat; how salt and sugar prevent microbial spoilage; horses and carriages; herpes blisters; Radiolab “Patient Zero” podcast episode; trying to have sex with a monkey; Joe talks about working with a chimp; chimps steal kids; chimpanzee attacks woman and eats her face(1:00:00) cavemen and humans; man tried to make ape/human hybrids; neanderthal extinction; Neanderthal: Profile of a Super Predator video; Greg’s trouble sleeping; sleeping pills; Ambien;  Lunesta; coffee and caffeine; cigarettes; talk about raising a kid; importance of sleep; meditation; setting goals; Joe wants to reduce time on social media; handstand on skyscraper video; (Greg plugs his dates); comedy club talk; Joey Diaz talk; Sarah Silverman; styles of comedy; comedy club talk; helping people; living in harsh weather; human life is fragile; Trump talk; feeling lucky to live in America; uncontacted tribe found in Amazon; Bison Ecology and Bison Diplomacy by Dan Flores; American Indians and European diseases; Keep the River on Your Right documentary; cruelty of Christopher Columbus; small towns and gossip; immigrating to America in the past; racism towards Italians; talk about Italians; Catholics and pedophilia; How the Irish Saved Civilization book; kid fuckers throughout history; fucking an animal; it’s wrong to fuck an animal but you can kill it if you eat it; jerking off with a chicken cutlet; (2:00:00) David Cameron put his dick in a dead pig’s mouth; Greg is surprised more people don’t have sex with animals; legality of bestiality in America; some states have banned gay marriage but bestiality is legal; Trump talk; democrats plan mega-concert; Trump and grabbing pussy talk; Greg grabbed a girl’s pussy while she was driving; more Trump talk; election talk; the political system in America; Joe’s idea for the political system; powdered wigs; fanny packs; Greg shit his pants while running; Joe had diarrhea; holding in diarrhea compared to holding in cum; breaking your own dick; Stevie Wonder; Jamie ate 1,200 mg of edible marijuana and it didn’t work on him; marijuana talk; drinking alcohol; Joe talks about going to Vegas for UFC 207; evolution of MMA fighters; UFC champions; Demetrious Johnson; Anderson Silva talk; Anderson Silva highlight video; Lee MurrayFedor Emelianenko; is it hard for Joe to call fights for people he likes; Joe talks about commentating UFC fights; friends fighting each other; being called a legend; Amanda Nunes; MMA gyms; sparring; risk-taking sports; smart people fighting in MMA; Conor McGregor draws twice as many Pay-Per-View buys than all other UFC fighters in 2014; Joe explains MMA sponsorship and the Reebok deal in the UFC; (3:00:00) Nate Diaz wants $20 million to fight again; porn makes more money than anything; Greg likes Japanese hidden camera massage porn.

My Thoughts: Greg is always worth listening to. Talk about MMA, politics, comedy, bestiality, jerking off with chicken cutlets, shitting your pants, and other fun stuff.

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