The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 888 with Ron White

Episode Number: 888
Episode Guest: Ron White
Original Airdate: December 22, 2016
Episode Sponsors: MeUndies, Onnit,, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Ron White is a stand-up comedian and actor, best known as a charter member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Topics Discussed: What’s next for Ron; how much time to wait between specials; material evolving; length of comedy specials; Ali Wong; comedy specials on TV; no one buys comedy albums anymore; Dane Cook; Dane stole material from Louis CK; Carlos Mencia stealing material; Ron sells tequila, Number Juan; talk about Ron’s wife; Ron’s wife role playing with different wigs; spitting on dicks; the porn section in video stores; streaming porn online; Ron tried watching gay porn to see what it’s like; Ron lost his virginity to a Mexican hooker; Ron got blowjobs from (possibly) transsexual hookers; Ron was in the Navy and was discharged for drug abuse; figuring out your place in life; Blue Collar Comedy Tour; Dan Whitney/Larry the Cable Guy; recording on VHS tapes; Andrew Silverstein/Andrew Dice Clay; doing old bits; Jeff Foxworthy; people shit on what’s popular; Bill Engvall; auditioning and casting directors; Jay McGraw; crying for happy reasons; bringing Cuban cigars back to the US; Cuba and cigars; how cigars are made; smoking on stage in Canada; Big Jay Oakerson; doing stand-up in Dubai; performing for college students; writing material; Joe explains doing voice notes on his phone; The Ice House; Ron’s tequila; (1:00:00) (Ron and Joe bust out the Jack Daniels); Texas comedy clubs; medical marijuana and recreational marijuana; Las Vegas and marijuana; gambling; Ron’s mom plays poker; gambling and head trauma; John Daly talk; Ron talks about his friends dying; Alan Thicke; what happens when you die; Ron lived in a haunted house; ghost talk; the meaning of the bible; churches and preachers; Dr. Phil TV show; talking on radio/TV/podcasts; (Ron and Joe smoke a joint); humility of comedians; Dave Chappelle talk; Chappelle’s Show; kicking people out of a show; hecklers; hologram comedians; CNN hologram video; drones; drone almost hits skier video; Ron talks about flying his drone in Sturgis; more drone talk; Trump talk; Ronald Reagan; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Ron golfed with Jack Nicholson and Joe Pesci; Will Ferrell; Ron talks about meeting Dan Ackroyd; awkward Jerry Lewis interview; Ron took his mom on a TMZ bus tour; more Jerry Lewis talk; old comedians build the bridges for new comedians; The Comedy Store talk; working on material; Ron has huge respect for Joe; more Jay McGraw talk; Facetime; Snapchat glasses; streaming on Periscope; there won’t be privacy in the future; Ron is doing yoga; hot yoga; juicing; working out (2:00:00) hearing issues; Brian Johnson’s (AC/DC) hearing; Axl Rose singing for AC/DC; Bon Scott; more Brian Johnson talk; Ron’s wife singing with AC/DC video; Gary Clark, Jr.; Roadies TV show; Cameron Crowe; Machine Gun Kelly; Rats documentary; Joe talks about live streaming the podcast; Joe talks about Scott Adams; election talk; politics and choosing sides; someone refused to take a picture with Ron because Ron isn’t a Trump supporter; Dick Cheney; Cheney has heart pump and no pulse; Cheney’s heart; maybe people don’t get wiser as they age; ego; Getting Doug with High; medical marijuana; Xanax; Ron doesn’t worry about Russia; Ron ran for president(3:00:00) meth; what Ron would do about meth as president; could a Navy SEAL smoke meth once; grills; Netflix’s super hero shows; Luke Cage Netflix show; Roadies TV show; future of television; Joe tells Ron to do a podcast; canes; aging and gravity.

My Thoughts: Fun podcast. They get drunk and high. Ron slows down around the three-hour mark.

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