The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 884 with Joey Diaz

Episode Number: 884
Episode Guest: Joey Diaz
Original Airdate: December 7, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Carnivore Club, ZipRecruiter,, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand-up comedian and actor. Check out his special coming out December 8, 2016 on Seeso called Socially UnAcceptable using code “JOEY” for a free two-month trial. Joey also hosts his own podcast called The Church of What’s Happening Now available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Topics Discussed: La Lupe queen of Latin soul video; why are certain cultures more passionate than others; the first time you were with a girl; smelling a girl; learning about sex; Joe getting into martial arts; Jamaica Plain; New York real estate prices; Toms River; crabs and sauce; squid ink pasta; crabs; clams; sushi; Japan; Japanese seafood; sushi fish; fishmongers; Yeti coolers; ice houses; salt and salt wars; defrosting a refrigerator; radiators; heating and air conditioning in California; needles; snorting angel dust; THC crystalline; Joey did drugs with a pregnant woman; smoking cigarettes; drinking alcohol; dealing with drunk people when you’re sober; drug withdrawal; Joey talks about doing cocaine; shooting heroin; shooting steroids; shooting cocaine; sharing needles; (1:00:00) sexually transmitted diseases; Gonorrhea; a girl whose vagina wouldn’t get wet; Joey tells a drug story about banging a girl and robbing her; Joey got crabs; fleas; canine distemper; Joe’s friend got killed by a drunk driver; marriage and divorce; it’s harder for a guy to find a girl than a girl to find a guy; Joey talks about dating a stripper who became a millionaire; Curves gyms; gym girls; a guy can’t hit on a girl at the gym; girls who get dressed up to go to the gym; vagina sweat; Kevin Lee Light AKA Hollywood Jesus; talk about The Comedy Store; Ciro’s; Joey’s been going to The Comedy Store for 20 years; Joey talks about starting comedy; coming up with comedy bits; becoming a headliner; experience; late-night sets; shooting a special; working on bits for a long time; some bits are never done; watching bands play live; music influencing stand-up; Rodney Dangerfield; Easy Money movie; Joey talks about working on a movie with Rodney Dangerfield; Rodney would do stand-up in a bathrobe and slippers; Frank Sinatra and Don Rickles video(2:00:00) people standing up during a comedy show; outdoor music festivals; comedy is more popular than ever; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; secret comedy shows; snow in Colorado; global warming; edible marijuana; Joey took a pill that went through with the laundry; Joey set off the fire alarm in a comedy club by smoking weed; more Oregon talk; more comedy club talk; bombing on stage; Joey’s new comedy special; an actor put a demo reel on during a Super Bowl party that Joey was at; recording sets and listening to them; Seeso; people listening to podcasts at work; internet streaming video services; video stores; Lethal Weapon movie; Lethal Weapon triangle choke video; fighting with cops; prison gladiator fights; Undisputed movie; Mike Tyson going to jail; Bernard Hopkins talk; John David JacksonJustin Fortune; Joe going to Toronto; Massey Hall; Twisted Sister; We Are Twisted Fucking Sister! documentary; Dee Snider fight video; Aldo Nova “Fantasy” video.

My Thoughts: Lots of comedy talk. I’ve heard many of these stories before between Joey’s many appearances on this podcast and doing his own. Boxing talk towards the end.

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