The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 883 with Kevin Smith

Episode Number: 883
Episode Guest: Kevin Smith
Original Airdate: December 6, 2016
Episode Sponsors: MVMT Watches, Blue Apron, MeUndies, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Kevin Smith is a filmmaker, actor, comedian, public speaker, comic book writer, author, and podcaster. His latest movie Yoga Hosers is now available on Netflix.

Topics Discussed: Joe and Kevin gush about how much they love each other; no one in Hollywood does their own thing; Red State movie; comic book movies and animated movies; Watchmen movie; Strange Brew movie; an audience will find his movies; Tusk movie; not worrying about how his movies will be received; dealing with criticism; relationship with his fans; Will Smith and his kids; family and friends living in his shadow; The Matrix lawsuit; Westworld TV show; election/Trump/Hillary talk; Hillary got as far as she did because she is a woman; Hillary Gadaffi laughing video; people gave Hillary a pass because she is a woman; how the political/voting system should be changed; marijuana legalization; Hillary is illogical; Hillary was against gay marriage; Kevin talks about his brother’s gay wedding; people constantly change and grow; we don’t need a representative government anymore; (1:00:00) commercial fishing; the fish population is declining; lab-grown meat; scientists grow human heart with stem cells; stem cells and Joe’s shoulder injuries; stem cell injections; young blood reverses aging; Elizabeth Bathory; aging; Black Mirror TV show; The Walking Dead TV show; Arrival movie; Dave Foley; Joe talks about working on NewsRadio; actors who can write/ad lib well; Kevin talks about losing his virginity; Andy Dick; Joe replaced Ray Romano on NewsRadio; Kevin talks about casting Clerks; strange inherited traits; watching people hurt themselves; playgrounds in the past; New Jersey’s Action Park theme park; parenting; universal basic income; eliminating poverty; give people enough money to survive; more government talk; Kevin asks Joe about archery; (2:00:00) Kevin talks about trying archery; a butterknife can split a bullet in two; samurai cuts BB pellet video; black people don’t look for Bigfoot; Gigantopithecus; Homo floresiensis (hobbit people of Flores); Russia, Stalin, and cannibalism; mad cow disease; eating brain tissue; getting smarter from eating brains; zombies; Return of the Living Dead movie; more brain-eating and cannibalism talk; Tibetan sky burials; Africa and elephants; people don’t care if you kill mice/rats; Joe talks about feeding his chickens mice; rabbit vs. snake fight video; chickens will eat anything; dinosaurs could have feathers; eagle throws mountain goat off cliff video; hunting wolves with an eagle in Mongolia; our instinct to look up; Lyme disease talk; Joe’s friend had Lyme disease that was mistaken for AIDS; Morgellons disease and its connection to Lyme disease; shoes and walking; shoes shouldn’t have cushioning and should be flat; Converse Chuck Taylor’s shoesrunning shoes through history; Cottingley Fairies(3:00:00) Photoshop; video game creator John Carmack builds rockets in his spare time; Noam ChomskyIs the Man Who is Tall Happy? movie; Hillary blames Russia for email hack; Donald Trump lied about illegal voters; Trump and his birther claims; Trump and Clinton wanted to outlaw flag burning; the world has changed with Trump becoming president; Kevin talks about visiting a concentration camp in Germany; Trump compared to Ronald Reagan; humans are in a process of waking up; humans will merge with technology in the future; Google Assistant; Bitcoin and Mt. Gox; all money will be digital; reading each other’s minds in the future; money is information; everything is stored in the cloud today; Joe switched to a Windows Lenovo ThinkPad P50 laptop; Kevin talks about having a religious crisis and talking to a priest about it; Kevin is blown away by how intelligent Joe is and the thoughts and questions he ponders; Joshua Waitzkin; Marcelo Garcia vs. Vitor “Shaolin” Ribiero; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu talk; getting choked out/choked to death; Eric Garner; Kevin admires BJJ but doesn’t want to try it; Kevin gushes about how masculine and manly Joe is; Kevin talks about seeing Dolly Parton live; Kevin talks about his mom’s obsession with death; Kevin’s grandma used to pray for death; Fed Up documentary; Kevin’s struggle with his weight; Kevin and Joe geek out about drinking vegetables; elk meat; hunting for food; (4:00:00) vegan diets; chickens and eggs; PETA calls eggs chicken periods; milk; Joe’s chickens; Vlad the Impaler; impalement.

My Thoughts: Epic four-hour podcast. Normally I’d hate one this long, but Kevin Smith is entertaining. I say this as someone who hates his movies.

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