The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 882 with Tom Papa

Episode Number: 882
Episode Guest: Tom Papa
Original Airdate: December 5, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace,, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. His new special Human Mule debuts on EPIX on December 9, 2016 at 8 PM.

Topics Discussed: His new special; Cleveland; frequency of shooting a special; doing old bits; Jay Leno doesn’t write new bits; feeling that you’re not good enough; George Carlin; touring; late show monologues and shows; Craig Ferguson; Steven Colbert; Conan O’Brien; Conan taking over The Late Show with Leno as his lead in; Joe talks about going on Conan O’Brien’s show; Conan’s show today; awkward interviews on late night TV; Rodney Dangerfield; Dangerfield’s “respect” catchphrase; comedians and catchphrases; Dave Chappelle; road comics and merch; Carlos Mencia and merch; charging to take a photo; people take too many photos; taking photos for fans; low-ceiling comedy clubs; hecklers; Chris Rock; divorce; could Joe live in a studio apartment alone in New York; living a simple, minimalist life; Tom’s back problems; Healing Back Pain book; impact of stress on the body; feeling overwhelmed with responsibility; mortgages; doing difficult things; yoga; writing; socializing with friends is important; discipline; dictating notes into your phone; cell phones and driving; teenagers and cell phones; what if they grew up with cell phones; fake news; Pizzagate; biased news sources; Hillary Clinton’s health; Hillary falls while boarding plane video; Trump taco bowl tweet; Trump and marijuana legalization; marijuana edibles; Joe got his rescue dog high with Joey Diaz; interview with creator of fake news; more talk about news and fake news; Joe talks about how we will be able to read intention/feelings in the future; HTC Vive and virtual reality; Katt Williams; eating before going on stage; Jim Carrey; Ace Ventura: Pet Detective movie; Jim Carrey stories; would you be funnier if you were crazier; Joe once stopped meditating because he thought he wouldn’t be as funny; talk about Bill Burr; Tom talks about baking bread; Joe talks about archery; Jerry Seinfeld talk; more bread talk; butter on bread; sourdough bread and gluten; commercial bread and its many ingredients; food preservatives and the body; gut bacteria; antibiotics; bread from a bakery; eating on the road; people are too busy to be happy; comedians who stopped doing comedy; romanticizing the past; Trump is the king of the assholes; racist Trump fan goes crazy/road rage on black guy video; all lives matters; negative responses to #blacklivesmatter; we’re lucky we were born in America; people are scared now that Trump is president; Trump is “Cheeto Jesus”; Trump mocks reporter with disability video; Trump’s thoughts on climate change; Tom talks about working with Donald Trump; Trump cares a lot about what people think about him; non-violent drug offenders in jail; NDAA; marijuana legalization; more Trump talk; Elon Musk trolled with fake news stories; more fake news talk; yellow journalism; Joe tells the story of William Randolph Hearst and hemp/cannabis/marijuana AGAIN; Merchants of Doubt documentary; Trump tweeting about Saturday Night Live; Trump’s phone call with Taiwan; Joe explains the relationship between the UFC and Pride FC; globalization; names of marijuana strains; Joe’s mom got denied buying weed in Colorado because she didn’t have ID.

My Thoughts: Tom Papa is always worth listening to. Too much Trump talk, though. They talk about sourdough bread, of course.

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