The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 881 with Lee Camp

Episode Number: 881
Episode Guest: Lee Camp
Original Airdate: December 2, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Dollar Shave Club, DraftKings, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Lee Camp is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and activist. He is the host of the weekly comedy news show Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp on RT America.

Topics Discussed: Alex Jones; Alex Jones Joey Diaz interview video; Jim Bakker Donald Trump video; Eric Andre Alex Jones video; more Alex Jones talk; NSA; people becoming assholes because Trump is president; all racists are Trump supporters; CNN asks if jews people; what does Trump really believe; more talk about Trump; Bernie Sanders got fucked over; Vermont; North Carolina; Dukes of Hazzard and the confederate flag; Narcos Netflix show; private prisons; prison isn’t effective; drugs need to be legalized; alcohol; cars; self-driving cars; drivers who will lose their jobs to self-driving cars; guy turned blue from colloidal silver; 9/11: The Road to Tyranny documentary; agent provocateurs; Dakota Access pipeine protests; rubber bullets; journalist shot with rubber bullet; more Dakota Access pipeline talk; grenade blasts woman’s arm at protest; fake news writer interview; how does Trump have time to be president; people should be liable for the actions of their kids; Idiocracy movie; having kids; overpopulation; traffic; Ted Turner’s ranches; Ted Turner’s girlfriends; Jane Fonda; Vietnam war; people getting attacked online; Amanda Knox; Richard Jewell and the Olympic Park bombing; Boston Marathon bombing; giving people power; sociopathy; American Psycho book; Trump’s son’s hair; more talk about Trump; Trans-Pacific Partnership; Trump’s speeches; General David Petraeus; Petraeus and fracking; death of journalist Michael HastingsAdderall; smart cars can be hacked; behavior of self-driving cars; guy hits bear in car video; Tesla hits van video; Hyperloop; Joe talks about being high while shooting Fear Factor; mountain lions; Canadian man kills cougar with knife; Coyote America book; cats kill billions of animals; California mountain lion kills 11 alpacas; mountain lion kills koala; roadrunner and rattlesnake video; terror birds; what were humans like 2.5 million years ago; are there too many people on earth; population of countries; the CDC is worried about pandemics; factory farming and antibiotics; factory farming talk; Brother’s Keeper documentary; pigs are smart; Ted Cruz’s college roommate is tweeting about Cruz; Ted Cruz behind-the-scenes video shoot with his mom and family; Ted Cruz defended ban on dildos; what it’s like working for RT; Abby Martin talk; Brad Pitt and Botox; young Anthony Hopkins in Westworld; how long until dead actors appear in movies; video of bad CGI of dead actress on The Sopranos; hung jury in Walter Scott case; trigger control and police officers; how much control Lee has on his RT show; North Korea; China’s copies of other cities; talk about Lee’s show; not voting; people ignore what really matters; Americans are obsessed with things that don’t matter and ignore the important things; alternative media and the internet; Bill O’Reilly TV show talk; Clarence Thomas; Tea Party; Jim Bakker; more Jim Bakker video talk; clean Christian comedy; pocket watches; stories about getting high while shooting Fear Factor; visiting a slaughterhouse; we slowly accept horrible things like factory farming; King Corn documentary; Washington, D.C. marijuana talk; legalized marijuana talk; Jeff Sessions; presidential election talk; is Trump’s whole body orange; suntan booths; too many carrots make you turn orange; talk about Lee’s stand-up.

My Thoughts: Lots of political talk. Joe manages to shoehorn in talk about animals. The conversation dies at a few points.

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