The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 880 with Jon Jones

Episode Number: 880
Episode Guest: Jon Jones
Original Airdate: December 1, 2016
Episode Sponsors:, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Jon Jones is an American mixed martial artist and a two-time former light heavyweight champion of the UFC. He will compete against Dan Henderson in a submission grappling match at Submission Underground 2 on Sunday, December 11, 2016 in Portland, Oregon.

Topics Discussed: Eating on the podcast; their kids; fighters with all girls; wanting a boy; the bible says not to get a tattoo, but Jon has a religious tattoo; Jon’s demons and struggling to overcome them; why Jon decided to do the podcast; Jon is disappointed in himself; Jon’s car accident; Jon smoked a lot of weed and would get blackout drunk; Jon ran back to his car after the hit and run to get his weed pipe; why he didn’t check on the other person; Jon thought he was ruined after finding out he hit a pregnant woman; he felt like a monster; how his friends and family reacted; rationalizing his actions; he feels better than ever today; financially, Jon doesn’t need to fight again; Jon partied a lot before the Alexander Gustafsson fight; Jon would get hammered before each fight as an excuse in case he lost; he played it safe for the Ovince Saint Preux fight; Jon’s powerlifting; more OSP training and fight talk; Jon partied more after the car accident; seeing Anthony Johnson and Daniel Cormier fight motivated him; more powerlifting talk; what he’s doing today during training; he’s loving Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; training with other fighters; he used to surround himself with people who party too much; how he stopped drinking and doing drugs; he drinks Red Bull when he’s around people who are drinking; Jon’s been a stoner since high school; all his friends smoke weed; he writes down things to keep him motivated to be a good person; Jon will drink alcohol again eventually; Jon never had a problem with alcohol, he just liked to drink it; Jon doesn’t want to smoke weed anymore; Jon would smoke weed all day everyday; drink and drugs were a way for him to escape from the stress of his life; acting like a person not a celebrity; what will he do to escape the stress of life in the future; you are not your past; Jon hasn’t thrown away his life; Joe talks about Bernard Hopkins going to jail; Jon got away light considering what has happened; no one is perfect; doing things for other people motivates him; Jon isn’t evil and it doesn’t bother him if people think he is; he deals with adversity well; Jon Jones took an off-brand Cialis and failed a drug test before UFC 200; Jon said he has a “huge cock” so he needs Cialis; Jon got the dick pill from a friend; how he reacted to the news he failed a drug test; he’s taken gas station dick pills before and never failed a drug test; Jon wasn’t too familiar with the USADA drug testing process; Viagra is a performance enhancing drug; how he realized the dick pill caused his drug test failure; the estrogen blockers weren’t a listed ingredient on the dick pills; Jon is suspended for a year and can fight in July 2017; Chad Mendes’ failed drug test due to psoriasis cream; Yoel Romero drug test failure; not all drug test failures should lead to a suspension; Jon is still young (29) and his best years are ahead of him; what will happen when he returns to the UFC in July ’17; he hasn’t talked to Dana White since July; he misses Lorenzo Fertitta; (Jon Jones goes to the bathroom); Joe had a conversation with Ari Emanuel and Jeff Novtizky about weight cutting; Jon doesn’t cut much weight; Jon thinks there should be another weight class between light heavyweight and heavyweight; Jon wants to go for the heavyweight belt when the time is right; Jon won’t spar hard again; a lot of guys spar too hard in the gym; guys try to make a name in the gym by sparring Jon; who can join the Jackson Wink gym; how Jon handles new guys in the gym; Jon used to meditate and visualize; Jon’s upcoming grappling match with Dan Henderson.

My Thoughts: First half of the podcast is about Jones’ partying and the hit and run accident. The second half is about UFC 200, the dick pills, and the future.

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