The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 879 with Steven Rinella

Episode Number: 879
Episode Guest: Steven Rinella
Original Airdate: November 30, 2016
Episode Sponsors: MVMT Watches, OnnitCaveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Steven Rinella is an outdoorsman, author, and television host. He currently hosts MeatEater on the Sportsman Channel and Netflix, and a podcast also called MeatEater available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Topics Discussed: MeatEater is the first hunting show on Netflix; episode where he didn’t kill anything; music in TV shows and movies; Micah P. Hinson “The Day Texas Sank To The Bottom Of The Sea” song; more music in TV/movies talk; hunting shows; Uncharted show; Steve could take a gun to school when he was a child; Postal video game; “going postal” term; mass shootings; gun control talk; people were buying lots of ammo when Obama became president; federal land control and public land in the United States; Yellowstone National Park; animals in Yellowstone; brucellosis; eating placenta; drinking breast milk; more brucellosis talk; livestock and private land; grazing rights; American Buffalo book; horses and Native Americans; horses and hunting in the past; buffalo mounds; harvesting of buffalo in the past; history of buffalo in Mexico; America hasn’t lost any large mammals; man-made extinction of animals; bringing back extinct animals through cloning; humans and woolly mammoths; asteroids wiping out species of animals; end of the ice age; Tyrannosaurus Rex skull found in Montana; Steve would bring back woolly mammoths if they went extinct because of humans; short-faced bear; speed goat/antelope; history of Natives, animals, and wildlife in Hawaii; Charles Darwin in the Galapagos; introducing one animal to eradicate another; commercial agriculture; history of corn; speciesism; Steve talks about debating a vegan about hunting; people feeding cats vegan food; killing bugs; hierarchy of life; wolverines; charismatic megafauna; caribou; black bears; elk; Vilhjalmur Stefansson; My Life With the Eskimo book; stories about Stefansson; eating coyotes; Steve ate a monkey; people eat dogs in Vietnam; how dogs are treated in Vietnam; we eat pigs but pigs are smarter than dogs; dingos; bear hunting talk; making clothes out of animal hides; not wanting to hunt bear anymore; observing bears and deer in the wild; he didn’t shoot the first wolverine he saw; the first lynx he saw; Joe talks about locking eyes with a deer; Steve eats everything he kills; big deer are smarter; debating meat eaters about hunting; Steve talks about meeting people who listen to Joe’s podcast; not being rigid about your ideologies; talk about the problems with The Revenant movie; types of reality TV; technology, drones, and hunting.

My Thoughts: Interesting if you enjoy hunting and like learning about animals and the history of certain species in America.

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