The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 877 with Jordan Peterson

Episode Number: 877
Episode Guest: Jordan Peterson
Original Airdate: November 28, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Squarespace, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

Topics Discussed: Justin Trudeau’s statement on Fidel Castro’s death; gender pronouns and human categorization; discrimination through categorization; white privilege; MarxismThe Gulag Archipelago book; people have no idea what happened in the Soviet Union; Marxism is attractive to compassionate intellectuals; equal pay and equal work; diversity of ideas; women in tech; Scandinavia, gender, and jobs; Joe rants about the gender pay gap again; universities and lack of conservatives; professor who said there’s no biological difference between men and women; transgender people and categorization; woman who became man at Wellesly College; you can’t have a society without marginalizing people; social justice warriors are enforcing a way of thinking; working as a personality psychologist; mandatory unconscious racism training at Jordan’s university; Black Liberation Collective; Ordinary Men book; there are innocuous ideologies; the US and Canada are competing to see who can crush the “idiot line” first; success is oppression; why do patterns repeat themselves; we like moral superiority; Halloween costume debacle at Yale; university isn’t a home and shouldn’t be a safe space from the horrors of history; you can’t make the world safer for people who are afraid, you make the people stronger; when did safe spaces and trigger warnings begin; women’s studies are fostering revolution; restructuring the patriarchy; people who resent life; universities do more harm than good; university costs and student loans; you can’t claim bankruptcy on student loans; professors claim to be Marxists; The Gulag Archipelago book; Why Men Earn More book; Warren Farrell protest at University of Toronto; 170 press articles have been written about his YouTube videos; YouTube is a revolution; Christina Sommers; laws about gender pronouns; Jordan isn’t cynical about the future; what should happen to universities; people are turning to the internet for knowledge; the internet could be the future of education; Jordan has more YouTube subscribers than the University of Toronto has students; virtual reality and education; Joe’s podcast had 12 million views on YouTube last month and 60 million audio downloads; listening is better than reading; ideas for online education and accreditation; Occidental College drunk sex/rape caselife planning; the education system was designed for factory workers; change yourself to change the world; Jordan talks about self-authoring; why we remember the past; scientific truth and religious truth; tribal protection and the Bible; the Old Testament compared to the New Testament; the Bible compared to comic books; meaningful conversation; death and rebirth; CrossFit and yoga compared to religion; more talk about religion; order and chaos; truth is the antidote to suffering; Harry Potter books compared to the bible; balance between positive and negative; flooding, corruption, and New Orleans; exclusion of the feminine in the Bible; a human being is the ultimate in complexity; the Bible is an expression of our deepest being; Skid Row is like Hell; the apocalypse is all around us; it’s not easy to live; the risks of silence; Jordan is disappointed by a lack of support for him, but not surprised; Jordan talks about doing behavior therapy; more talk about gender pronouns; the University of Toronto has sent him warning letters; his teaching privileges might be revoked; people need to sort themselves out.

My Thoughts: Talk about gender pronouns, liberals, universities, social justice warriors, and religion.

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