The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 876 with Chris Bell

Episode Number: 876
Episode Guest: Chris Bell
Original Airdate: November 21, 2016
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Guest Bio: Chris Bell is a director, producer and writer, known for his documentaries Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Trophy Kids, and Prescription Thugs. His latest project is on the controversy surrounding the plant kratom.

Topics Discussed: Chris learned about kratom when he was looking to kick his prescription drug habit; positive effects of kratom and its psychoactive properties; what taking kratom feels like; kratom may become a schedule 1 drug; Chris has arthritis; his brother takes kratom before lifting weights; different strains of kratom; how kratom works compared to opiates; deaths related to kratom; 1 in 7 people are addicted to opioids; why the DEA wants to classify kratom as a schedule 1 drug; pharmaceutical companies want to turn the properties of kratom into a prescription drug; talk about Donald Trump working with people who are against legalizing marijuana and kratom; prescription drugs are designed to make people addicted; how he learned about kratom; his first experience taking kratom; a friend thinks he’s not sober anymore because he’s taking kratom; he can drive while taking kratom; how Joe’s podcast changed Chris’ opinion on marijuana; marijuana and kratom are miracle plants; being high doesn’t mean you’re impaired; there’s not enough research on kratom; soursop; greed and pharmaceutical companies;; flakka drug; very little is known about kratom; is kratom addictive; kratom is illegal in Thailand because it was cutting into opium profits; studies need to be done on kratom; when did the push to make kratom illegal begin; why isn’t the government fighting opiate addiction; why don’t politicians want to fight cigarettes; taking too much kratom makes you feel sick; kratom needs to be classified as a supplement; six states have banned kratom; what the journey making the documentary has been like; marijuana might be reclassified; Vioxx deaths; rehab centers are marketing as if kratom is addictive; people who tell you that you have a problem or addiction; how his dad has helped him; (Joe takes kratom and talks about its effects on him); Narconon and kratom; debunking the alleged side effects of kratom; it takes time to get sober, even while taking kratom; Chris wishes he knew about kratom earlier; talk about the DEA and kratom; Chris went to the kratom march in Washington, D.C.; Chris is still working on the kratom documentary A Leaf of Faith; he wants to interview the DEA; (Joe talks about what he feels after taking kratom); marijuana edibles and spray; we need to open our minds to substances like marijuana and kratom; eating marijuana is different than smoking it.

My Thoughts: I’ve heard of kratom but knew nothing about it. Lots of information about the plant, if you’re curious. Try it before it’s made illegal.

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